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January 08, 2008

No more ‘Grow?

This weekend, Grow-a-brain passed the 12 million hits mark, according to its stats counter. Since February of 2003 I’ve been consistently posting to it every single day, searching & sharing many thousands of links with a large, but mostly anonymous audience.

Unfortunately I've been thinking of shutting this blog down. I get the empty feeling that fewer visitors stop here, and that nobody cares about me & my “discoveries” any more.

I still have about 5 pages of links that will be published automatically in the next few weeks. Unless something changes, I’ll be going back soon into the great void where I came from.

You didn’t expect that, did you?

Here what people were saying about Grow-a-Brain through the years

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Well, sh*t. Sad to see you go but I understand abandoning that which does not fulfill you. I've always thought of GAB as a meta-filter to MetaFilter. Not that everything here is culled from MeFi but it feels like you've assembled the "creme of the crap" for us. Deeper than NastyNets and simpler, more stoic than BoingBoing. A scourer and insane harvester of gold in this crazy internet mountain. I'll remember you fondly and speak highly of you always. I will however feel a void in my interheart. Peace and good luck to you, sincerely.

Posted by: PGC at Jan 8, 2008 12:38:09 AM

Is your decision due to a lack of comments? Because of the nature of the site isn't it to be expected that comments will be on the linked article? Will be sorry to see you go (if indeed you actually do)

Posted by: John Kelly at Jan 8, 2008 1:08:46 AM

Hey there,

you sound quite grow-burnt-out... could some changes to the site, like fostering more interaction with your audience, give you another spin of motivation? I guess it is hard to draw satisfaction for the many years of consistent work from a statcounter alone.

Should you decide to "let grow go", so to say, you can do so knowing that it was an achievement to be proud of and to build on.

Posted by: Florian at Jan 8, 2008 1:13:51 AM


This is too wonderful just to vanish.

Posted by: nich0lai at Jan 8, 2008 1:29:11 AM

Don't shut down. I check your blog almost daily. I only found your site a month ago. If you shut down, I'll have to go back to playing solitaire with a deck of Uno cards.

Posted by: joe at Jan 8, 2008 1:36:09 AM

You're perfectly right, it's totaly unexpected and, I must say, disapointing...
While I understand the "one way" aspect can be frustrating, I don't really know where I'll find my daily dose of intersting stuff.
Anyway, I will never thank you anymore for all the job you accomplished. I came here every single day for the last 3 years, from the first time stoped by (and ruined my day of work ;)) GAB is more addictive to me than digg or any news site, or any other blog, as I really felt a connection in the topic we both found interresting and the others you introduced to me.
Thank you again, many respects

ps: sorry for the bad english, i'm french, nobody speaks english correctly here :]

Posted by: alban at Jan 8, 2008 1:40:29 AM

Hanan-I think that I have learned more form the links on your pages than any other site anywhere on the net.I would even go so far as to say that my life has been enriched by my daily visits to GAB.Always interesting,you have managed to present us all with,as PGC so effectively puts it,the 'creme of the crap'.
I also agree with Florian,GAB is an achievement to be proud of,and I think,a body of work that will be cited as reference for a long time to come.
In answer to your question...no,I wasn't expecting that-however I know you'll go on to greater things and I hope that all your dreams for the future really do come true.
Thanks man,it's been a brilliant craic.

Posted by: lynne at Jan 8, 2008 1:42:12 AM


Grow-a-Brain is really the only "blog" that I read daily, and make sure to check after midnight every night to find updates! I never posted a comment before because I never thought I had something as interesting as your posts to add, but that never kept me from reading 'Grow on a daily basis. Please don't shut down Grow-a-Brain!

This is by far the most interesting blog I've read, because there's simply something new every single day. The things you find are incredible and make it worth my time to dial into the internet every day.

Please don't shut down Grow-a-Brain! You do a great job!

Posted by: Thom at Jan 8, 2008 1:55:22 AM

I hereby forbid you to shut down GAB, under penalty of... well, nothing. I guess you can shut it down if you really want to. But I will be dreadfully upset about it and so will many others. You will make little children cry.

Posted by: Sad at Jan 8, 2008 2:07:17 AM

You run the most interesting blog on the net. Please reconsider.

Posted by: John Hayter at Jan 8, 2008 2:07:20 AM

I'm large and anonymous. I always felt your blog spoke directly to me.

You've done a fantastic job and you've usually found something to interest me every day I've checked in. It's been a pleasure to stop by here every day, as I likely will continue to do so for some time yet as my deeply ingrained habits are hard to shift.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Posted by: vbfg at Jan 8, 2008 2:07:24 AM

I really enjoy this blog and have for several months. Maybe you can recycle some older posts if you need a break?

Posted by: Janet at Jan 8, 2008 2:28:58 AM

One of the coolest blogs for the observation of this strange world out there.

Keep on blogging!


(I was always astonished about the amount of productivity to find the weird stuff in the net, so maybe you just slow down a little bit?)

Posted by: blogschrift at Jan 8, 2008 2:54:11 AM

I came late to the party, and follow GAB via a feed to LiveJournal, so pardon my ignorance. How many readers do you get per day/week/month? Have you looked into monetizing it? Even if you haven't, perhaps the following you've built (if substantial) is worth something to a purchaser.

Contact me directly if you'd like to explore this -- I may be able to put you in touch with someone who'd be interested.

Posted by: Tom Geller at Jan 8, 2008 3:43:13 AM

This is better than television don't leave us.

Posted by: matthew at Jan 8, 2008 3:45:05 AM

And I who just discovered all the fun...

Posted by: Frode P at Jan 8, 2008 3:47:00 AM

I regret not writing earlier to thank you for Grow-A-Brain. Despite having Websense deliver the judgemental "The Websense category "Social Networking and Personal Sites" is filtered." and limit my viewing of such sites to 90 minutes, GAB is my first stop after checking email to enjoy along with my morning coffee and properly begin my working day. If you follow through with your plan, I'll miss your open minded, educational, and entertaining offerings. You have been prolific, however, and I believe the archives contain enough to keep me happy for a long time ahead.

Thank you and have a wonderful life!

John Costello

Posted by: John Costello at Jan 8, 2008 3:54:43 AM

like another poster i only discovered this blog a couple of months ago and check it daily; sometimes more than once a day. i've learned a lot by perusing your archives and spent many way-too-late nights looking at almost every architecture and book & literature post. i would never have known that the type of house i've dreamed of living in since childhood was an "Eichler" house if it weren't for your blog. whoever runs Deputy Dog did a redesign and ruined that site. Mental Floss is ugly and slow on the draw as far as getting the scoop on things. Dark Roasted Blend occasionally has good things but mostly makes me wonder what i'm doing with my time. your site is smart without trying too hard and i will miss it. please at least keep the archives up for while so i can bookmark all my favorite stuff. thanks for your effort.

Posted by: jd at Jan 8, 2008 4:00:51 AM

Lots of us still read this and find great amusement by it -- your choice, and we understand how it can get old after awhile, but I've been a happy subscriber for quite some time. Thanks for all the work you've done!

Posted by: Nathan Pralle at Jan 8, 2008 4:08:46 AM

Too bad you're shutting down, but you probably have your reasons, and I respect them. Well, a guy in Brazil will surely miss Growabrain.

Posted by: Celso Távora at Jan 8, 2008 4:22:03 AM

Pretty funny that this is the first time I have ever been here. I'd appreciate if you kept this up...keep in mind that the frequency and content of what you're posting doesn't lend itself to generating a lot of feedback from visitors. Also, not requiring an e-mail address to comment would be helpful...

Posted by: Yo at Jan 8, 2008 4:26:01 AM

I, too, check the site daily and would be sad to see it go. I only just discovered it recently!

Posted by: MadMup at Jan 8, 2008 4:38:43 AM

Please don't leave. You know I love you. Where would I go in the morning. You've become a habit after all these years. I would have to remove you from my links and that would be a shame. Truly, Hanan, if that's what you have to do, I wish you the best.

Posted by: Cuidado at Jan 8, 2008 5:00:45 AM

My morning coffee wouldn't be the same without surfing Grow-a-brain.

Posted by: Whiskey at Jan 8, 2008 5:03:06 AM

Please don't go away. I read your blog everyday and enjoy the links a lot. I don't hardly ever comment, but I would miss you so much if you stopped blogging.

Posted by: hots-kebobs at Jan 8, 2008 5:08:18 AM

If a cost/benefit analysis reveals you're not getting the desired return on your investment--
Because whenever I emailed you in the past, you've always emailed me back, my opinion of you as a person is I think you're a nice guy and that is the reason I visit GAB every day, that human warmth that's lacking elsewhere *cough*MetaFilter*cough*
--but because of that simple act of friendship I urge you to do what you want; you don't owe the internet a god-damned thing

Posted by: John Salisbury at Jan 8, 2008 5:13:20 AM

I love your blog and visit at least once (sometimes more often) each day. You find such a delightful mix of stuff and if you go I know I'll miss you. Perhaps, you'll feel different when you get out of bed tomorrow. I have this yahoo group and like you, I'm the sole provider for the links that go into it. That, said, I'm not complaining. I love finding new things and sharing them and every once in a while I say no one really looks at this stuff and maybe I'll just stop the link group and then I get a flood of emails from folks who say, "Thanks" for what you post. So, I'm saying, Thanks for what you post. It starts my day off with a smile.


Posted by: Jo-Ann at Jan 8, 2008 5:14:04 AM

Please don't shut it down!
It's like a surprise basket every day for me.
How will I spent my coffee break then?
Please think again!
(insert image of very sad looking kitten here)

Posted by: Andy at Jan 8, 2008 5:18:12 AM

It's your blog, but boy, would I miss it! It's one of the best parts of my day. I hope you change your mind, but if not, thank you so much for all the entertainment you've provided over the years.

Posted by: ann at Jan 8, 2008 5:23:55 AM

You'll be missed - your's is the first site I visit every day over my morning coffee...

Posted by: j eastman at Jan 8, 2008 5:26:04 AM

Sad post, I too have only been coming here for a few months, but it became one of my regular stops.

Posted by: josh at Jan 8, 2008 5:26:24 AM

please reconsider, GAB is a candle in a demon haunted world.

Posted by: obscuro at Jan 8, 2008 5:31:39 AM

I shall be sorry to see you go. You have a wonderful sense of the unusual, interesting and funny. There are few compendium sites that pull me in so consistently and always deliver.

Posted by: nick earl at Jan 8, 2008 5:32:02 AM

Say it ain't so..............

Cannot imagine firing up my puter each day without a healthy GAB fix. Been a fan for over three years and can always depend on your invigorating links to really pique my interest & curiosity.
Hanan, please re-consider your plans to close up shop. Even if you don't get a jillion hits daily, remember your devoted fans who sincerely appreciate what it takes to compile all the individual "stories" rendered by one simple click on a highlighted word. We may be negligent in providing regular feedback and/or thanks but we still love GAB !!

Posted by: Ted at Jan 8, 2008 5:58:50 AM

we read your site EVERYDAY!!!!
Please reconsider!!!

Posted by: darcy at Jan 8, 2008 6:03:49 AM

I understand and will be sad if it shuts down. This is the only blog I read everyday. One of my very favorite sites. If you do stop, I would like to thank you for all the great links and all the fun I have had. Thanks for all your hard work. The best to you and yours.

Posted by: Crash at Jan 8, 2008 6:12:43 AM

I also discovered this site only recently but it's a cracker! If begging will make a difference, I am here to beg.
Please, please please! I will START reading it while drinking coffee, symbolically waving my lighter at a concert.
If our efforts fail, I'll certainly continue to enjoy the archives.

Posted by: Kristi at Jan 8, 2008 6:24:30 AM

Well, crap. But hey, when in doubt move on, no need to figure it out.

So long and thanks for all the links!

Posted by: ben. at Jan 8, 2008 6:30:35 AM

are you kidddin' me?!!!grow a brain is the best site evaaaaaa!!!

whats wrong with you?
i thought you knew better then that!
step it up man don't give it up.
people all around the world dig throw it and i could get stuck innit for hours,, its among of the things that are good in this net,,just don't do it.

grow a brain!@!!!!!!!!!!!!

with all the love

Posted by: opaliot at Jan 8, 2008 6:33:44 AM

Crap. :-(


Posted by: Mindysan at Jan 8, 2008 6:39:35 AM

Don't shut down. If you are truly finished with the site, find someone who will take it over for you.

Posted by: Michael Diamond at Jan 8, 2008 6:39:55 AM

hi hanan!

say it ain't so? based on the number of comments, i'd say quite a few people would miss you.

after meeting you a couple of times and getting to know you, i clearly understand your perspective. writing everyday is a HUGE job in and of itself. writing passionately about things that interest you can be very fulfilling experience. however, when you get to a point that it feels like a chore and you don't see the return of your personal investment of time, it may be time to move on as you have contemplated. if you no longer get anything out of it, then you must do what's best for you.

i am speaking at the inman bloggers connect tomorrow on a panel which will discuss how to prevent running into the content brick wall. i have some thoughts i'd like to share with you, so please give me a calll or email hanan - you have my contact information.

talk to you soon!


- rudy

p.s. if new zealand is calling.....then i totally understand :)

Posted by: rudy at Jan 8, 2008 6:42:29 AM

Don't go! I've never commented before, but I visit your site every morning and really enjoy your spewcial blend of links. You may not be feeling the love but I promise it's there, and I'll continue to spread the word about the goodness that is Grow a Brain.

Stay with it!


Posted by: jefff at Jan 8, 2008 6:47:37 AM

Well, I for one will miss GAB! I understand, though, that you have to do what you have to do. The last thing you want is for this to become an unpleasant chore. (That being said, I'll be delighted if you change your mind!)

Posted by: Karen at Jan 8, 2008 6:51:24 AM

What? Now how am I going to sound smart to all my friends? Your site is great. I hope you chose to stay with it. Thanks.

Posted by: Forrest at Jan 8, 2008 7:03:41 AM


I LOVE this site! What you do is help those of us who really don't have time to go looking for this great stuff have a chance to see it! I check your site everyday, and it has been an incredible source of inspiration, laughter and just plain fun! But if you are truly tired of it, please at least leave us an archive to enjoy - you did so much work it would be a shame for it to all go away.

What I especially love is the stuff you bring us from other countries - European fridges, Russian cars, it brings the world in closer!

But if you are truly burnt out - know that your work has been very much appreciated and enjoyed and you will be missed! Good luck to you and I hope you find a new passion to keep you going!

Posted by: Julia at Jan 8, 2008 7:05:37 AM

12 million visitors and you're lonely.

Be in your posts a little more, you're kinda invisible. :-/

Posted by: Athol Kay at Jan 8, 2008 7:15:53 AM

Hanan, I simply refuse to allow this. Slow down if you must but don't stop blogging.

Posted by: the nag at Jan 8, 2008 7:24:33 AM

Sorry to hear that you'll be going. Thanks for the fun, and good luck in the future.

Posted by: Nick at Jan 8, 2008 7:27:20 AM

Just found you a short time ago and been a daily visitor since. You offer some of the best links around. I have sent friends and family your way numerous times. Do what you gotta do and I hope you find the same amount of happiness as I do visiting GAB. You will be missed.

Posted by: Andy at Jan 8, 2008 7:30:05 AM

So the brain has grown and that's it ? You can't stop man ! I'm lurking here since a few months ago, and more than often you're my freshest source for great online stuff. Others are repost, fakes, but you are the original !
What is it that your humble average lurker has to do to see you continue this great brain growing of yours ?

Posted by: VincentD at Jan 8, 2008 7:31:14 AM

Over the years, the blogs I've followed have come and gone... Most of them I'd get the gist of 'em pretty quickly, and then get bored. NEVER with grow-a-brain! I've followed you religiously ever day for YEARS!! BTW, one thing that you can't see with trackback is how much I email-forward directly your posts to friends who I know would find something therein interesting... FYI!

But you're right that it's a question of doing what's personally fulfilling for you, more than for us. It's surely very time and energy consuming for you to do what you do and still have a day job! And when you're running on fumes at the end of the day, you may just feel drained and empty, and wonder if it's all worth it. Only you, of course, can answer that question... It may sound thoroughly trite, but it's nonetheless true: "Follow your bliss!"

Will blogging change the world? Maybe, maybe not... But never forget that for years you've entertained, informed and educated more people than the average human could ever dream of impacting! And - whatever you decide - for this we're all immensely grateful!!!!!!!!

P.S. You might consider somehow introducing some kind of feature which fosters more dialogue (maybe even - gasp! - a web2.0esque g-a-b community kinda thing) if you'd like to hear more regularly from your multitudes of fans, but right now I imagine that a lot of us read you over our morning coffee before we confront the rush of our day. As a result, please don't think that any radio silence is a negative reflection on you!

Posted by: Misciel at Jan 8, 2008 7:40:08 AM

Over the years, the blogs I've followed have come and gone... Most of them I'd get the gist of 'em pretty quickly, and then get bored. NEVER with grow-a-brain! I've followed you religiously ever day for YEARS!! BTW, one thing that you can't see with trackback is how much I email-forward directly your posts to friends who I know would find something therein interesting... FYI!

But you're right that it's a question of doing what's personally fulfilling for you, more than for us. It's surely very time and energy consuming for you to do what you do and still have a day job! And when you're running on fumes at the end of the day, you may just feel drained and empty, and wonder if it's all worth it. Only you, of course, can answer that question... It may sound thoroughly trite, but it's nonetheless true: "Follow your bliss!"

Will blogging change the world? Maybe, maybe not... But never forget that for years you've entertained, informed and educated more people than the average human could ever dream of impacting! And - whatever you decide - for this we're all immensely grateful!!!!!!!!

P.S. You might consider somehow introducing some kind of feature which fosters more dialogue (maybe even - gasp! - a web2.0esque g-a-b community kinda thing) if you'd like to hear more regularly from your multitudes of fans, but right now I imagine that a lot of us read you over our morning coffee before we confront the rush of our day. As a result, please don't think that any radio silence is a negative reflection on you!

Posted by: Misciel at Jan 8, 2008 7:41:39 AM

Sad to see you go. I've been mostly an anonymous reader of GAB for a few years now and have loved it. It's part of my daily routine as I sip my coffee each morning. :(
I can understand if you've grown tired of posting or are just bored by it. Hope you change your mind but I can understand if you don't.

Posted by: Dan at Jan 8, 2008 7:45:14 AM

it will be sad to see you go...
this site is definitely the most consistently interesting thing I have found on the web, but I guess you can only surf the web so much before you crack up.
thanks for all the cool things you posted, take it easy...

Posted by: David at Jan 8, 2008 7:47:54 AM

GAB is one of my first stops on my daily stroll through the interwebs. You will be sorely missed. Thanks for all the education, inspiration, elucidation and fun.

Posted by: marinasaurus at Jan 8, 2008 7:52:39 AM

Oh no, don't go!

I read most days in a feeder and when something strikes my fancy I click through for the link.

Definitely a great addition to my day. I hope you won't give it up!

Posted by: aidelmaidel at Jan 8, 2008 8:01:05 AM

I only just started visiting here on a daily basis a couple of weeks ago. I'd hate to see this blog go away as it has become something that I look forward to now.

Posted by: Jason at Jan 8, 2008 8:06:15 AM

This is among my very favorite places to visit everyday. I will be so sad without my beloved Grow a Brain. :-(

Posted by: Katrina at Jan 8, 2008 8:07:45 AM

Sad news indeed :-(
I'm sorry that we your readers haven't been able to communicate you our appreciation for your invaluable work, but be sure a lot of people will miss this blog if you finally decide on quitting. I would understand it, however, this is a really huge task and not a very rewarding one, but whatever you finally do, let me thank you for all the good moments I've had reading your blog.
Best of luck.

Posted by: Gus at Jan 8, 2008 8:09:12 AM

I so don't want you to go...but I wish you every success no matter what you decide.

Posted by: Ker-Heb at Jan 8, 2008 8:09:52 AM

Wow,, that'll be a sad day. Please whatever you move on to next, let us know in this space (for those of us RSS readers).
I've loved your daily bits and quite frankly, nearly always find something new and novel (how you do it, I have no idea).
Keep us in the loop!!!!

Posted by: Fred Schechter at Jan 8, 2008 8:26:51 AM


Posted by: Chris at Jan 8, 2008 8:32:40 AM

Please say it ain't so. This is the first site I check daily. I fell in love with it after stumbling upon it.
Your collections have given me hours of enjoyment and knowledge.
I may be silent but I would feel a big loss without you.

Posted by: Richard at Jan 8, 2008 8:45:42 AM

I am genuinely saddened to hear you may quit blogging. I enjoy your blog daily - I have it on my toolbar so I can readily access it and have learned so many things and derived so much enjoyment from Grow-a-Brain. I am always forwarding things I found only at GaB. 12 Million hits seems like a lot to me, but only you can say what is satisfying to you and would motivate you to keep the blog going. It needs to be fun and rewarding for you, but I would really miss your presence on the web. You have a keen eye for interesting topics and I have enjoyed your blog so much, though I write comments very infrequently. Whatever you decide, THANK YOU for so much great content and so much info and enjoyment. Yours has been a bright spot on the web. THANKS! Vicky

Posted by: Victoria Helton at Jan 8, 2008 8:59:53 AM

hope you reconsider. grow-a-brain has been one of my daily reads for quite a while. i'll miss you if you're gone.

Posted by: leefr at Jan 8, 2008 9:22:09 AM

I'm another long time visitor who will be very, very sorry to see you quit. :(

Perhaps, you can switch to weekly updates instead of daily updates & see if that makes a difference for you?

Whatever you decide, all your hard work has been greatly appreciated. Thank you. :)

Posted by: Katie at Jan 8, 2008 9:24:55 AM

A sabbatical? A leave of absence? AWOL? Temproary insanity? Maybe take a break, but dont shut down - its a bleak prospect. Your links are one of a kind.

My brain wont grow anymore....

Posted by: george_kaplan at Jan 8, 2008 9:36:32 AM

Awwww, don't go :(

Posted by: Steve at Jan 8, 2008 9:48:30 AM

I did not expect it, although I know it is alot of work. I visit nearly every day and have enjoyed it. Thank you for the daily surprise you've provided. Best wishes.

Posted by: jeff at Jan 8, 2008 10:05:03 AM

This is the only blog I visit daily. Actually, it's the only one I have bookmarked. I hope you change your mind because your links are real gems. Safe travels to you and yours.

Posted by: Kurt at Jan 8, 2008 10:13:46 AM

Another who just found you in the past few months--I will miss it!

Posted by: ffumpiefox at Jan 8, 2008 10:28:29 AM


Whichever path you choose to explore,

I am forever indebted to you for the Neurogenisis.

Yasher Koach !!!

Posted by: geno heleen at Jan 8, 2008 10:32:27 AM

Please don't shut down!!!
I come here every day!

Posted by: John Elton at Jan 8, 2008 10:40:06 AM

No!!! I love this site. we have tastes and interests that are so alike, real estate, Zappa, Dylan, Beatles, weird art, travel, science, drugs... the list goes on and on. Your hard work is honored by me.

Posted by: Jason1969 at Jan 8, 2008 10:42:46 AM

I don't come EVERY day, but often and there's always something interesting. I'll miss you if you do go, and I'll miss the fascinating links that I'll never find by myself. Thanks for what you provided so far. I hope you can find a way to keep going.

Posted by: Al Stone at Jan 8, 2008 10:45:11 AM

Please, oh please, don't shut down! You have an excellent blog and it, in fact, does help me...Grow A Brain. You must work very hard at gathering all this information and it does not go un-noticed. It sounds like you think it is not appreciated, when the opposite it the truth! I discovered you a while back and have visited you every day since. You are in my top three favorites. I will be sad to see you go...so...don't. Janice

Posted by: Janice at Jan 8, 2008 10:56:03 AM

Don't leave, i will comment if you promise not to leave, I am addicted to this website!

Posted by: Grant at Jan 8, 2008 11:14:25 AM

Hannan, I remember when I first found GAB way back when. You had me filed under "Orange County Blogs" which I thought was hilarious. Actually, I'm still filed there and it's still funny. Lately I've been reading GAB via RSS, so while I don't come by the site very often, I still love your discoveries! What ever will I do? You're a primary source! Can I bribe you with beer?

Posted by: MJ at Jan 8, 2008 11:19:02 AM

Beer will work, MJ...

Posted by: HL / growabrain at Jan 8, 2008 11:25:56 AM

no,no,no.... i promise i will comment now and then.keep up the good work.

Posted by: marcel at Jan 8, 2008 11:26:14 AM

Really sad about growabrain shutting down. You've done great work. Go with God. Everyone Pray for Love (PFL).

Posted by: Tom at Jan 8, 2008 11:28:31 AM

darn, i just discovered you too!

Posted by: girlrobot at Jan 8, 2008 11:29:20 AM

Don't go! Growabrain is what keeps me entertained throughout my long boring day at work...

Posted by: a at Jan 8, 2008 11:37:35 AM

no fuckin way

keep typing Bro

You Rule

Posted by: Fritz at Jan 8, 2008 11:37:57 AM

I've never posted here. Well, perhaps once. I just want to know that I really appreciate what you're doing here. Your site is the first site I visit every day, and usually the last one as well. It's a great resource and an all-around amazing site. I can understand feeling burnt out. Perhaps you could build a team of people to help the site go on. It would be a horrible shame to see this site go away.

With my sincerest appreciation,


Posted by: Fred at Jan 8, 2008 11:38:59 AM

Hanan - Wow. As another of your daily devotees, I would be truly saddened by the loss of one of the few blogs that really does give the internet a good name. I always thought that the hallmark of this whole interweb-thing was the free distribution of knowledge and information from others TO others, thus enabling them to emerge smarter, more well-rounded human-beings, and thereby increasing the general I.Q. and social awareness of the whole of humanity (no wonder certain governments are so afraid of it!) Through grow-a-brain, you have certainly been successful in delivering on the promise of the internet. I know I myself have prospered mentally as well as socially because of reading it, and apparently so have many others, judging from the responses posted so far.

Perhaps you should take a wee bit of a breather, say for a few weeks or so, and then start up again posting only every few days, or whenever you have the time. Or perhaps you could somehow select a panel of your favorite readers to "guest-blog" for you. Whatever you choose to do, I wish you well and hope you will remain active in some capacity here on the net.

Posted by: Quasimike at Jan 8, 2008 11:38:59 AM

See? There are plenty of people who appreciate you... if only they will leave more comments every day! If its burnout, why don't you take a break and come back? I would hate to say goodbye for good!

Posted by: Miss Cellania at Jan 8, 2008 12:07:21 PM

Don't it always seem to go, you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone... thanks

Posted by: Chris at Jan 8, 2008 12:32:14 PM

I am guilty of being a daily lurker for years...but I've never commented. And I should have...if only to thank you. This has been a source of information, humor and wonder.
I promise to step up in the future and let you know how much I enjoy this site...I do hope you find reason to continue.
Thank You,

Posted by: Tina at Jan 8, 2008 12:32:43 PM

I agree with all: Your blog is great and we beg you to continue it! The title says it all -- how clever, and what a shame to let it go to pot.


Posted by: Joyce at Jan 8, 2008 12:37:46 PM

Oh, dear. If only I'd known... I'd have commented daily! Seriously, there are now several "best of the web" sites, but yours is still the best of the best. I'll miss it terribly!

Posted by: NancyJoy at Jan 8, 2008 1:58:55 PM

You aren't going anywhere, Hanan. All bloggers go through this, threaten to quit, some do, but most always miss it and come back. Don't do it for any potential readers, do it because it needs to be done.

Posted by: Bsti at Jan 8, 2008 2:27:33 PM

I bookmarked you a long time ago, probably found you via boingboing. I just recently retired and started exploring my bookmarked sites because I was in a bit of a rut as far as which sites I check regularly. Having rediscovered your site, which is incredible, I now check it several times a day, am just starting to explore all its features. Please don't stop NOW!!!!
forget growabrain, growsomeempathy. It never occurred to me how You felt, having researched and posted all this stuff and not getting any feedback.
Please continue, you have an enthusiastic audience which has been effectively put on notice!

Posted by: Julie Elson at Jan 8, 2008 2:30:40 PM

I've certainly enjoyed your blog over the years that I have been visiting. I can certainly appreciate the work and dedication that it takes to keep it running and so entertaining and informative. If you choose to retire the site, I think the ultimate reason will be that it's time for a change in your life. There appear to be many of us who appreciate your site. If you do decide to retire, I will be saddened to lose one of my favorite sites, but also appreciative of all the great stuff I've learned from your site. Best wishes.

Posted by: Mark at Jan 8, 2008 2:35:30 PM


You have consistently provided absolute gems of amazing shit on the internet.

I spend way too much time scanning blogs, and this is truly one of the best.

I just want you to know that I've depended on you to feed me interesting stuff for a while, and that this is one reader that appreciates your discoveries.

Posted by: Oscar at Jan 8, 2008 2:43:11 PM

Yes - Hanan Levin - go to hell!

.. me & my “discoveries” ...

You are stealing so many topics - without a real credit.
I don't wonder ...

And sure ... nobody isn't my real name ...

Posted by: nobody at Jan 8, 2008 2:46:51 PM

Dude, don't shut her down.

I drop by every day.

Have never commented though...

Posted by: mojo ryson at Jan 8, 2008 3:02:14 PM

Please don't! I look forward to every post.

Posted by: George at Jan 8, 2008 3:04:23 PM

This site has kept me entertained for hours on end. I appreciated all that you have done and the hard work you have put in to this....not just for entertainment, but for expanding my knowledge of the world around us.

A sincere "thanks" and the best of luck.

-much love

Posted by: Elisha at Jan 8, 2008 3:04:58 PM