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January 13, 2008

The Iran-Contra Resaturant

Iran_contra_oliver There's nothing like drinking overpriced liquor in the remnants of the Iran-Contra Cargo Plane, now a restaurant and bar. (From Neatorama)

We are a small group of people who do a lot of other things in New York, like decorate subways and throw parties in the streets. At Grub we're just offering dinner. Whether you are active in other collectives, your neighborhood, your backyard garden, or just new to town, we invite you to our table. Grub: A cheap, simple dinner for strangers and co-conspirators

The Wiener Circle is a popular restaurant in Chicago, Illinois. It is located at 2622 N. Clark St... (YT)

A man smokes through a "Smoking Point" in a restaurant wall in Goslar, Germany

Indian restaurant built over a cemetery

Mesa, another new ”secret” restaurant in Costa Mesa

A Huge Depository of Unusual Bars and Restaurants Here

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I really liked the Wiener Circle video...

Posted by: g at Jan 13, 2008 7:04:17 AM

I think I know where I'd like to eat if I ever find myself in New York again...

Posted by: Thom at Jan 13, 2008 8:42:23 AM

Poor smoker that is so degrading.The restaraunt should put a bucket of rotten fruit outside the hole.

Posted by: matthew at Jan 14, 2008 5:20:10 AM

they should build those in the uk, having to step outside is getting very tedious very quickly

Posted by: josh at Jan 16, 2008 5:38:39 AM