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January 27, 2008

Socrates is mortal

Free_osama "Why should merely cracking down on terrorism help to stop it, when that method hasn't worked in any other country? Why are we so hated in the Muslim world? What did our government do there to bring this horror home to all those innocent Americans? And why don't we learn anything, from our free press, about the gross ineptitude of our state agencies? about what's really happening in Afghanistan? about the pertinence of Central Asia's huge reserves of oil and natural gas? about the links between the Bush and the bin Laden families?"

Loaded questions. Found at The Taxonomy of Logical Fallacies

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"what did we do?" i have an answer for you that goes back 35 years to the 6 day war. my ex-b.f.'s zionist father was in congress at the time. will email you.


Posted by: jo jo at Jan 27, 2008 1:38:31 AM