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December 01, 2007

Enigma machine

Enigma_logo Enigma machine in flash. (A lengthy wikipedia article about the Enigma machine)

The object of the Word Sandwich game is to guess the mystery five letter word. Your guesses will float to the top if they are too “high” alphabetically, and they will float to the bottom if they are too “low” alphabetically

Near the Old Summer Palace, poetry with a very short life: the new phenomenon of Water-writing in Beijing, suddenly popular in the last ten years. (Photo from my trip to China last year)

In the fields of Internet discussion and forum moderation, Disemvoweling is the removal of vowels from text either as a method of self-censorship (for example, either "G*d" or "G-d" for those whose religious beliefs preclude writing God in full), or as a technique by forum moderators to censor Internet trolling and other unwanted posting

Find dictionary words for crossword puzzles, code words and word games like Scrabble at More words. (Found at What’s my name?)

How Chinese Students Are Learning the English Language

A Huge Depository of Unusual Language Links Here

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