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November 12, 2007

Typepad featured weblog!

Typepad_featured_blog Grow-a-brain was picked as Typepad’s Featured Blog on November 10th, and appeared on their home page for the whole day! ..."It's filled with links vacuumed from all corners of the Internet, creating a fascinating, useful, humorous, and just plain fun site. Everything's grouped into categories (over 100 and counting!) such as animals, travel and jokes. Each of the categories contains several links to related posts; along with the photos and designs, this is definitely a rainy day/lunch hour blog designed to amuse and entertain" - Thank you Typepad

6.5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Blog. No. 3: Your ideas are not focused.

…Another mega site that will keep you clicking for hours

From “Kierkegaard luvz Candi”: Growabrain - Adam Savage reads this. I read this. You should read this

From Todd Carpenter ‘s Rembex: What makes a blogger “influential”?

Here is what people were saying about Grow-a-Brain Since February 2003

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