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October 31, 2007

Dying with style

 Die_with_style The Premeditated Murder Flowchart

How To Make a Charred Corpse

Rainer Fassbinder's Gravesite

Victor Villenti, 50, was a strict vegetarian, and forced his family to follow the same regime. While jogging in 1991 he was killed by an eight pound frozen leg of lamb which fell from a third-story window. If You're Going to Die, Do It Differently

The 10 Most Fascinating Tombs in the World at Neatorama

Is it distressing to experience consciousness slipping away or something people can accept with equanimity? Are there any surprises in store as our existence draws to a close? How does it feel to die?

A Huge Depository of Unusual Links About Death and Eternity and Unusual Coffins & Caskets Here

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