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September 22, 2007

My private Rock

My_private_rock Into the box, a new video site devoted to the absurdities of the NYC real estate market

The Private islands blog by Cheyenne Morrison. (From a 2Boings story about Roger Lextrait, who lived alone on a small island in the South Pacific atoll of Palmyra for eight years)

Joe Salcedo & Ian Mariano’s Reno Home Blog

The blog of Single Point Realty

Proquest real estate marketing blog

The blog of Philip Blumberg, a Miami entrepreneur, investor and civic leader

Doctor Housing Bubble

Ilyce Glink's Blog on personal finance advice, real estate advice and consumer issues

Orlando nest

Fixer Uppers and Rental Houses blog discusses aspects of repairing fix-up houses and renting them out for the part time real estate investor

Table Talk With Apella

Roselind Hejl’s Austin Real estate blog

Toronto neighborhood blog Move Smartly by John Pasalis

The Future of Real Estate Marketing examines the impact of Web 2.0 and the Internet on real estate and real estate marketing

OnBoard Blast

Real Estate Derivatives

The great loan blog

Mortgage Loan Place Blog

Another canonical list of real estate weblogs at Bloodhound

(Pix above from CEO blog)

A Huge Depository of Real Estate Blogs as well as Grow-a-Brain’s Extensive Real Estate Archives Are Here

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Nice! Some people don't want neighbors, so I guess an island would do.

Posted by: Colorado Springs at Jul 9, 2008 9:04:35 PM

Wow! that's cool. A White house on top of a rock island. That is perfect for a vacation spot.


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