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August 31, 2007

Get Rich or Burn Out trying

Ibgybg On Wall Street, a new phrase was invented only a few years ago: IBGYBG. I’ll be gone, you’ll be gone, so let’s do the deal and let the suckers pay for it.

Great Moments in Marketing on “If Charlie Parker was a gunslinger”

Telemarketing: To sell, via the phone. That's a simple definition, isn't it? And no telemarketer is ever a total failure. After all, just to put on the headset you've already sold something: Your dignity. That first high pressure sale is a two-fer: One magazine pack and your morals. Keep at it long enough and you can even sell your soul

This blog is not for sale! (Stated by Tom Coates)

A Huge Depository of Outstanding Salespeople Here

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really enjoyed the "blog not for sale" link, you know why !

Posted by: jo jo at Sep 1, 2007 10:23:28 PM