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August 06, 2007

First White Child Born

Forever_stamp A friend of mine got a call from a road tripping pal who ranted about a strange monument he had encountered in some nowhere town in Kansas - a monument to the First White Child Born... For some reason I found myself wanting to see what this ridiculous monument could possibly look like. It turns out that the first white child born was a momentous occasion for many American burgs and townships. (From WFMU. Thanks B.E.)

The wonderful Detroit Blog

US Invaders. (Both from Henry V.)

Recruiting Posters From The Civil War. (Thank you, Dave)

Greetings from Floyd St. (From Helene)

Before the 20th century, fires were a major hazard to urban areas and the cause of massive amounts of damage to cities. The Great Baltimore Fire of 1904 and other historic fires. (From DE)

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What is so "ridiculous", about the first white child born monument in kansas? Is it now ridiculous, for white people to claim any heritage or culture without being called racist? Substitute any other race for "white" and that monument would be defended by the ACLU all the way to the freaking supreme court.

Posted by: fred at Aug 8, 2007 7:52:37 PM