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August 27, 2007

“Blogs are not the future. Blogs are the present”

We_got_busy The "blog" of “unnecessary” quote marks

Why people are blogging less:
1. We got busy.
2. Scoble quit Microsoft. Just kidding.
3. Blogging isn't for everybody.
4. Believe it or not, some of us have better things to do than to be continually justifying ourselves to a crowd of passive-aggressive, self-loathing, loser fucktards.
5. The future we spent a long time evangelizing has already arrived.
6. They said what they had to say, then moved on.

Thirteen Blog Clichés. (From Jeremy Zawodny)

Your Blog Is Your Brand

(gif above from Nasty Nets)

A Huge Depository of Unusual blogs and bloggers Here

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I can identify with most of these reasons :) I even didn't load my blog back up when I moved provider last week...

Myself I'm building a browser game now :) - when everybody builds a browsergame of their own after some time, it'll be time to move on again ;)

Posted by: Guido at Aug 27, 2007 11:09:00 PM

The blog of unnecessary quotes rocks!

Posted by: beajerry at Aug 31, 2007 1:05:00 AM