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June 20, 2007

The salvage of the Kursk

Sail_car On April 15, 1912, the German liner Prinze Adelbert was steaming through the North Atlantic when its chief steward noticed an iceberg with a curious scar bearing red paint. He took a photo. Later on he learned that the Titanic had gone down in those waters less than 12 hours earlier. (From Futility closet)

Kursk – Lost Russian nuclear cruise missile submarine

The ‘TRICOLOR’ is a 1987 built Norwegian flagged vehicle carrier, which, in the early hours of 14 December 2002, was struck by ‘Kariba’, a 1982 built Bahamian flagged container ship in the French Exclusive Economic Zone some 20 miles north of the French coast in the English channel… The salvage of the Tricolor

Specifications of The Maltese Falcon, largest privately-owned sailing yacht in the world, owned by Tom Perkins of KPCB

Liveras Yachts, owners and charterers of luxury yachts, (note the languages the site is translated to) and some other High-tech Luxury Yachts

The emirate of Dubai buys QE2

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