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June 17, 2007

No stronger bond

Clipart_2 There is no bond stronger than the leaf between trams, or something

Frank's Compulsive Guide to Postal Addresses

Walter Galler, a man of Jewish origins, married a non-Jewish woman. When he died in August 1939 in Swakopmund, South West Africa, on the eve of World War II, his wife knew that some sort of Hebrew inscription had to be placed on his tombstone. The only Hebrew she could find was on a box of matzah. She ordered the stone cutter to inscribe on the tombstone those words plus a Jewish star. The stone cutter, not knowing Hebrew, erroneously placed the words upside down on the tombstone. And so the stone was inscribed with a Jewish star and the Hebrew words for Kosher for Passover. (Scroll down for photo)

Re-post: 787 cliparts animation

Bawdy Women from Chomick + Meder

I can’t believe it’s not butter (UK) by Matthew Green

More breaking news from 'Gadling': Pakistan welcomes the "Check" Prime Minister

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