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June 21, 2007

The story of Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi

Bartholdi In 1791 and 1792, Andrew Ellicott and his surveying team placed 40 boundary stones around the perimeter of the District of Columbia, one at each mile of the original diamond shape…

Brookline ♥ U on Google Earth

Artist Kim Dingle asked teen-aged school kids in Las Vegas to draw their country in the shape they thought it had. The result is The United Shapes of America

The True Story of the Statue of Liberty, at Neatorama

/// A Huge Depository of Unusual Stories about America Here

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The US drawings look very similar to my drawing of cows.

Posted by: Shaun McLane at Jun 22, 2007 4:32:29 AM

They do sort of look like they're all about to go galloping off.

That one on the right looks like a rhinoceros.

Posted by: emily at Jun 22, 2007 6:32:12 AM