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May 07, 2007

Trick or Treat

Derren_brown Derren Brown is an English illusionist, hypnotist, magician and a host of the show "Mind Control" on TV. Watch how he uses NLP to influence someone’s selection of a gift (YouTube, and so are most of the links below)

The Russian scam

How he beats 9 chess players simultaneously

Subliminal Advertising

Real Zombies

Russian Roulette, the video. Background on wikipedia

Derren Brown at the Dog Track

Pick Pocket

Beside his interest in psychological illusion, perceptual manipulation and persuasive technique, he is also interested in Taxidermy & likes to draw cartoons

His website. A fan site

More videos. More on YouTube

Also, The 0x09F911029D74E35BD84156C5635688C0 pool on flickr

/// Fark it /// A Huge Depository of Unusual Magic Tricks Here

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he answer: 0x09F911029D74E35BD84156C5635688C0

The question: What is the MD5 hash of the ISO-8859-1 null-terminated string "I am Spartacus!"?

What am I missing here?

Great post btw. I think my brain just grew. I will be signing up for some psychology classes next fall.

Posted by: Will at May 7, 2007 2:43:20 AM

Loving Derren Brown's page. Great use of Flash.

Posted by: shaun mclane at May 7, 2007 4:56:22 AM

We are fans of Derren Brown. He shows the power of hypnosis, augmented by showmanship and traditional magic. He does not try to pretend to be anything he is not, and amazingly his tricks seem mind blowing even when he shows you how he did them!

Posted by: Free Hypnosis Treatment at Oct 12, 2007 11:23:32 AM

Derren Brown is never short of entertaining, and usually fascinating too. Keep an eye out for his recent show 'Derren Brown: The System', which promises a horse racing system that guarantees to pick a winner every time. It's a one-off special but has plenty of the normal Derren Brown fun and intrigue. Enjoy :-)

Posted by: Lottery Guy at Feb 4, 2008 4:39:43 AM