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May 13, 2007

Worst Hair in Congress

Fighting_terrorism Guys love chicks with Helmet Hair. (From Moookie)

The eight most puzzling and potentially dooming hair trends in Washington

Some guy’s T-shirt collection and the stories behind them. The Evolution of the Ironic T-shirt

Shoes altered by bees (and by Aganetha Dyck)

Walking on Swastikas: Should we Boycott Steve Madden?

Bridger Mountain Man Coyote Fur Hat - Only $199.95

Cheapest Dress Ever made of 196 packets of ramen

How to knit a chicken Viking hat courtesy of Sarah Mundy. (From Blort)

Japanese Nail Art

Special bra collection

/// Fark it /// A Huge Depository of Unusual Fashion Trends As Well As Growabrain T-shirt Closet Collection Here

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