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April 01, 2007

Daughter of Mesopotamia

Shada_hasssoun A Groyse Metsie

Azam Ali, from Tehran to Los Angeles

Shada Hassoun, a 26-year-old Iraqi singer won the Arab version of Pop Idol in Beirut a few days ago. Shada Hassoun wrapped herself with the white, red and black flag of Iraq and broke into tears as fans swarmed the stage after her victory on one of the Arab world's most popular entertainment programs. I like this Shada commercial (YouTube)

Also from that Star Academy show, Haifa Wehbe. (No wonder the Muqtadar may want to ban all western music competitions in Sadr City)

Arash Arash, Iranian-Swedish band. (From Reality Carnival)

Iranian Radio

In the Path of Rumi, celebrating 800 years of the Anatolian mystic Rumi

Bilaydin kas, 3D animated short created by Natig Aghayev. (Takes some time to load)

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Thank for this selection. Its always great to be made aware of musical artists that I hadn't previously heard.

I especially love the Azam Ali site and the Star Academy clip of Haifa Wehbe. Thanks.

Posted by: Russell at Apr 3, 2007 5:22:59 AM

It's great to find out who some of the top Middle Eastern singers in the world are. Now we know what choices to go for in our belly dancing classes!

Posted by: belly dancing at May 27, 2007 6:35:43 PM