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April 08, 2007

Joo-ish music

Singing_the_blues “A Little Nightmare Music” by Igudesman and Joo, a European comedy duo that combines classical music and comedy

Songs that influenced Led Zepplin

The 10 Worst Rap Album Covers Ever Made. They are all real and numbered in descending order from bad to worst

A 35 min. interview with Yusuf Islam: From Cat Stevens to 'An Other Cup', on NPR, Jan. 5, 2007

Real life homeless man, Brad Prowley, Rocks the House at the Apollo

Can one of the nation's greatest musicians cut through the fog of a D.C. rush hour?

Least popular sound bites

Can anyone recommend some non-classical cello music

A Huge Depository of Unusual Musicians and their Music Here

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pretty sure Goldie is a member of a group called Concentration Camp... if that were really a song though, i think i'd pay the $.99 on itunes just to check it out. hilarious album covers...

Posted by: ryan at Apr 16, 2007 10:18:49 PM