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April 10, 2007

Fried Butter Balls

Egg_shell Björn Lindberg’s The taste of color

At My Dinner Party I invited five good friends to a home cooked meal of salad, macaroni and cheese (from scratch), salad, rolls, and apple juice. They ate off of cast sugar plates and salt cups, prepared especially for the occasion

Edible Easter Bunny Origami

Pizza Tossing Championship

Deep-fried Balls of Butter

A collection of kinky herrings on flickr. (Thank you, Many)

Seattle chef Jason Wilson’s Cooking With Peeps

Brad Levy, chef-owner of Firefly Restaurant in San Francisco is making Gefilte Fish from scratch. (From Presurfer)

Chefs by Luke Stephenson

Cumin Spritzer and other Little-Used Kitchen Appliances

Mama Mia Thats a spicy meatball. (YouTube)

The Gorgonzola Song. (Brought in nearly 2 years after an old question on AskMefi thread)

What is this? More questions On The Green

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that party must've been so fun!! i love the preparation you have made bjorn!!!! congrats! i hope it turned so great!

Posted by: Weight Healthy at Apr 15, 2007 7:58:05 PM