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March 31, 2007

Real Estate Wives

Mailbox_house A blog about Real Estate Wives (and Husbands. Thank you, Lani)

Marcus Burke’s Condo Metropolis Blog (with a unique Zip Code of the Week feature)

Mortgages Undressed

Real estate is crazy blog. (From Sellsius)

Craig Childs’s All Around The City from San Antonio

The blog of Sue Berger, a realtor in the Gladwin, Michigan area

Angela Ward’s Tumbleweed Realty blog from Maui

Jodi Gunther & Josh Pratt’s blog about the Adirondack real estate market

Danielle Lazier’s blog from San Francisco

Jim Reppond’s Seattle Real Estate Information

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Thanks Hanan for your continued documentation of the real estate blogs. An amazing compilation.

Posted by: jf.sellsius at Apr 1, 2007 5:40:32 AM

Seven Reasons to Own Your Own Home
1. Tax breaks. The U.S. Tax Code lets you deduct the interest you pay on your mortgage, property taxes you, pay, as well as some of the costs involved in buying your home.
2. Gains. Over last five years (1998-2002) national home prices have increased at an average of 5.4 percent annually. And while there’s no guarantee of appreciation, a 2001 study by the National Association of REALTORS® found that typical homeowner has approximately $50,000 of unrealized gain in a home.
3. Equity. Money paid for rent is money that you’ll never see again, but mortgage payments let you build equity ownership interest in your home.
4. Savings. Building equity in your home is a ready-made savings plan. And when you sell, you can generally take up to $250,000 ($500,000 for a married couple) as gain without owing any federal income tax.
7. … Seven Reasons to Own Your Own Home


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Posted by: A Realty Group at Apr 3, 2007 6:11:26 PM

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Posted by: Denis at Apr 4, 2007 6:16:25 AM

Ahhh..in the thick of pothole and frost heave season...no black flies...still snow though! Slow down and live the good live in Northern Maine. Visit www.mooersrealty.com/discover.htm for lots of area propaganda! Attractive, affordable real estate in Aroostook County.

Posted by: Andy Mooers at Apr 7, 2007 7:26:14 PM

Happy Egg Day Hanan! Thanks for posting the link to Tumbleweed Realty's Blog in Maui. I put Grow a Brain on my blogroll. You definetly are an inspiration!

Posted by: Angela Ward at Apr 8, 2007 7:11:42 PM

Thanks Hanan! Wow... how do you do it? Could you post a link to Meservier & Associates at Keller Williams Realty Mid Maine for me? We're at www.meservier.com

Posted by: Michael Meservier at Apr 9, 2007 8:04:19 AM

Please check some of the links, they dont seem to be working for me and appear as broken, please advise. Thanks, Jonie

Posted by: Real estate web design at May 20, 2007 3:47:04 PM