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March 11, 2007

Aracataca celebrating Márquez’s 80th birthday

Marquez_80_anos Long gone are the expatriate managers of the United Fruit Company, which made Aracataca into a thriving company town in Colombia’s banana-growing region in the early 20th century. Gone, too, are the Gypsies who would pitch their tents on the edge of town to sell contraptions like telescopes and false teeth. Márquez’s 80th birthday

"mariposas amarillas Mauricio Babilonia,
mariposas amarillas que vuelan liberadas..."
Listen to Oscar Chavez sings Macondo

I’m re-reading One Hundred Years of Solitude, maybe for the 12th time. I've read it in Hebrew, in English & in Danish. Here is Buendía’s family genealogy chart from wikipedia

”100 years” as an epic, by Ian Johnston. Other lectures by him

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