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February 28, 2007

“Nobody died at Watergate”

Nixon_watch Why did Nixon try to fancy up the outfits worn by White House guards?

La Casa Pacifica, The Western White House

Original, Limited-Edition, Presidential-Style Black Velvet Portraiture of Prominent Republicans Painted on Black Velvet Entirely by Hand in Tijuana, Mexico by Professional Mexican Velvet Elvis Artists Exclusively for The Patriot Portrait Collectibles of Indignico Inc. Limited-Issue Velvet Republicans

Offensive comments by famous people and faux-pas, gaffes, and unfortunate incidents committed by U.S. presidents

Richard Nixon - The watch

Breaking news: Deja vu all over again: Break-In At Democratic Party Headquarters...

(Pix above from an Hungarian play)

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I wish that Watergate will never repeated

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