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February 07, 2007

Man Overboard

Boating_blooper The Shipwreck of Eduard Bohlen. A freighter that ran aground south of Conception Bay in 1909, Namibia. (From Michael Poliza's Heli-Africa trip)

The fastest human powered boats compete on a 100m track with flyimg start! Many different hydrofoils, like AquaSkipper, Wetwing, Voa Brasil, Aqua Power, Laminator and many more

How Aquaskippers work

Funny boating bloopers. (From Bits and Pieces)

The Flying Manta Ray in action. (YouTube – Turn off that damn musak!)

Aerial photo of the USS Iowa firing its guns

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Very interesting post! I really love boating and that seems completely amazing!

Posted by: michael jones at Aug 17, 2007 4:08:44 PM