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February 20, 2007

While looking for invisible images, I came across…

Invisible_flounder_fish A Dali-like painting of an invisible elephant by Nguyen Dinh Dang, and a cat who definitely thinks he's invisible

Beware of the invisible cows of Mauna Kea. Beware of the invisible snowmobiler

“One of the most astonishing sensations in the desert is to walk in the middle of nowhere. Hours, with no mark...

Joe Bagley’s photo of two men in lounge chairs and a self-portrait of an invisible photographer taking a tea break

Woody Allen's mockumentary 'Zelig' re-edited to star me, Gert, as the human chameleon. Woody still has a cameo in the movie, by the way”

HG Wells Penguin Mug

This invisible globe is a hollow glass sphere with a spinning LED light ring to create different projections. (Other unique globes by the same globe makers)

An invisible lizard

An optical illusion with six invisible triangles. Can you spot them?

Vanishing Point puzzles

Invisible Suits are interactive suits made from special blue screen fabric (material used for work with video blue screen technique). The intended effect is the virtual "disappearance" of the persons wearing the suits: their bodies merge with the visual environment they inhabit. Previously-blogged: Russian professor Oleg Gadomsky patents invisibility cloak

The artist Willem Oorebeek prints black ink on black surfaces, and his invisible "Blackout" images can be seen only from a particular angle

The Do's and Don't's of Attending a Mime's Birthday Party

The lost secret of invisibility by artist Howard Kistler

This is another post that I am “co-blogging”, and the fourth time (!) that I’m doing it with eccentric scholar and "language fanatic" Craig Conley of strange and Unusual dictionaries who blogs at Abecedarian, and who provided most all of today’s links. (All previous posts archived here.) Thank you again, Craig! If other bloggers are interested to share the forum here on any other topic, please contact me for details.

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