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February 10, 2007

Mixed bag

Character_costume Tiny Dancer, a newsgroup for people stuck in a retro time warp of the 70’s

Sam's old Phone Collection (Mostly British)

Bug Orgy

I’ve got a big bag of crabs here

My Dear Kenisha, I love you so much, even though you left me

Liver-Eating Johnson, one of many Mountain Men on wikipedia (which may be in danger of folding or not)

The West Pier in Brighton, UK on Fire (March 2003)

How to get daytime life insurance appointments by telephone, and where to find the prospects

Inventory of the Crypt of Civilization at Oglethorpe University

Installing Vista. Also, Good use for a Mac

Re-post: The Scientific Farm Strange Lab


Winning is everything on “The Price is Right”. (I must buy a TV! I miss out on so much...)

A long list of Periodic Tables

The HyperBike

People in character costumes on flickr

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