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February 05, 2007

First video on YouTube

Scanned 1980s computer brochures

“Excellent communication, but should've poked holes in box before shipping the kitten.” And other Unusual eBay Feedbacks

“Me at the zoo” - The very first video on YouTube

Also, What was the first thing ever sold on eBay?

Woz, Jobs and the Apple 11"x14" oil painting by Nitrozac (of Joy of Tech fame)

Interview with an Über Mac Collector

Mothers Against Maddox (MAM. Found in a story about 10 famous entertainment websites)

"I decided that I want to decrease the time I spend on surfing to a reasonable amount..."

DIGG vs. Reddit - the ultimate fight. This is a page submitted on both DIGG and Reddit at the same time. Every visitor referred from each of the websites is counted as a vote. (Since 2005, I’ve found thousands of unique stories on Digg & Reddit. Now they are “The Places” for every blogger to discover hot links)

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Oh no, no, no. It's going to take more drastic measures to reduce MY web-browsing. Sorry; not helpful!

Posted by: pam at Feb 5, 2007 2:17:23 PM