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February 09, 2007

Lost in Translation

Torii_gate The old All look same site has many new quizzes, including food, art, faces, architecture and more. Still hard, even if you are C, J or K

Toilets in Japan: There are two styles of toilets commonly found in Japan. The oldest type is a simple squat toilet, which is still common in public conveniences. After World War II, modern Western-type flush toilets and urinals became common

Writer Sanjūgo Naoki (1891 – 1934) changed his name four times between ages 31 and 35 to match his age that particular year (skipping over 34, as four was an unlucky number according to Japanese superstition)

Any self-respecting toy collector is sure to be familiar with the Kubrick. No, we’re not talking Stanley, but rather the Kubrick line of figures from Japanese toy company Medicom

A biography of Matthew Perry

Bruce Osborn’s Oyaku portraits of one parent and one child

Generating a Torii Gate Image

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