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January 15, 2007

Too Many Realtors

Ignore_this_building Welcome to Baltimore, let me help you with your luggage. A Note to Renters from the Evil Landlord

How Diffent People See Your House

Jack a Crib. Learn to get into real estate "Hood Style" with No Money Down. (From Marlow Harris)

A Low Impact Woodland Home. The house was built with maximum regard for the environment and by reciprocation gives us a unique opportunity to live close to nature

Unbelievably bad real estate photos

Whether the housing market is stabilizing or not, it seems pretty clear that there are still too many people in the U.S. trying to make a living selling houses

St. Louis man finds his home demolished

** Unrelated image by Mofaha **

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I like the "How others see your house" ... except the tax assessor view !!

Posted by: Tom at Jan 16, 2007 3:33:53 AM

I love the low impact woodland house. I wish it was easier to do this in UK without running into problems over planning and all the other legal hassles. Of course, we are running out of suitable locations for this but there are some small (by US standards) wilderness areas left.

Posted by: Julie at Jan 16, 2007 12:40:01 PM

I like the "How others see your house" ... except the tax assessor view !!

Posted by: Real Estate In Morocco at Jan 28, 2007 11:41:31 AM

Ouch! It looks like a cyborg spaceship from Battlestar Gallactica

Posted by: Santa Monica Real Estate in CA at Feb 4, 2007 10:12:32 AM

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Posted by: Lauren Miller at May 23, 2007 3:11:03 PM

227 W. Southside BLVD Foreclosure Case
Independence Missouri 64055

Ryan C. Jennings
[email protected]

Introduction: I purchased this Indep. MO residence with a core belief in the American Dream. However, due to my nightmare of past experiences I must beg to differ. This dream has already been once, twice, and now three times stolen. This third case which I refer to as 56, makes three times of fraudulent activity that has victimized me to an extreme level pain.

I originally purchased the house from Chad Pfeffer of North Kansas City, and was represented by real estate broker Ahna D. Vaoifi of Common Ground Realty. Property Title is attached within this document. After a year at the residence I was in a foreclosure status. The first variable to analyze is that I was delinquent on my mortgage payments to (at the time) AMC Mortgage. However, there is much more to the story.

First of all I am listed on the title as Ryan C. Jennings a single female, however I am male. Next, my insurance company (Allstate) dropped me for an unsatisfactory roof based on safety. When I tried to contact Allstate they were unable to find my account. Eventually we discovered that someone had intentionally entered the last 4 digits of my social security number. The house had never been properly inspected as Common Ground Realty and Mr Chad Pheffer informed me of. They also would not provide me an appraisal as I requested.

I was one day away from closing on a refinance contract with STL Mortgage in St. Louis Missouri. I was only missing the appraisal. The evening before the scheduled appraisal appointment I was brutally assaulted one block away from the residence. Details are attached within this document below. But the person whom assaulted me supposedly helping me get organized the week before the incident. Latter did I find out he was related to the Foreclosure Real Estate Agent Lynn Tuala. Lynn Tuala was representing Exit Realty.

Several other variables attribute to my civil rights being extremely violated. I am requesting immediate assistance for council in this case.

The Case Petition document is attached within this document.


JENNINGS , RYAN , Plaintiff represented by ROBY , ERIC , Attorney for Plaintiff PO BOX 1997
Business: (816) 833-1222
ORANGE, CA 92868

This information is provided as a service and is not considered an official court record.
Judge Assigned: MANNERS, MICHAEL W Date Filed: 03/19/2008
Location: Jackson - Independence Case Type: CC Other Tort
Disposition: Not Disposed

This information is provided as a service and is not considered an official court record.
Displaying 1 thru 6 of 14 records for all dockets returned for case 0816-CV08038.
1 2

03/19/2008 Docket Entry: Pet Filed in Circuit Ct

Docket Entry: Filing:
Text: FORM 4
Filing Party: ROBY , ERIC

Docket Entry: Motion Special Process Server
Filing Party: JENNINGS , RYAN

03/20/2008 Docket Entry: Case Mgmt Conf Scheduled
Associated Events: 06/30/2008 , 08:30:00 - Case Management Conference

Docket Entry: Summons Issued-Circuit
Text: Document ID: 08-SMCC-2531, for TUALA, LYNN; Document ID: 08-SMCC-2532, for ARGENT MORTGAGE SECURITIES INC; Document ID: 08-SMCC-2533, for DUETSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY;

Docket Entry: Order - Special Process Server

Displaying 1 thru 6 of 14 records for all dockets returned for case 0816-CV08038.
1 2

2 3

03/20/2008 Docket Entry: Notice

03/31/2008 Docket Entry: Corporation Served
Text: Document ID - 08-SMCC-2533; Served To - DUETSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY; Server - ; Served Date - 26-MAR-08; Served Time - 11:00:00; Service Type - Special Process Server; Reason Description - Served; Service Text - SERVED: J. ROBINSON, DESIGNEE

Docket Entry: Corporation Served
Text: Document ID - 08-SMCC-2532; Served To - ARGENT MORTGAGE SECURITIES INC; Server - ; Served Date - 26-MAR-08; Served Time - 11:00:00; Service Type - Special Process Server; Reason Description - Served; Service Text - SERVED: J.ROBINSON, DESGINEE

05/02/2008 Docket Entry: Summons Returned Non-Est
Text: Document ID - 08-SMCC-2531; Served To - TUALA, LYNN; Server - ; Served Date - 02-MAY-08; Served Time - 00:00:00; Service Type - Special Process Server; Reason Description - Non-est; Service Text - EXPIRED

06/30/2008 Docket Entry: Case Mgmt Conf Scheduled
Associated Events: 09/05/2008 , 08:30:00 - Case Management Conference

Docket Entry: Order
Text: CIVIL CASE MANAGEMENT SCHEDULING ORDER This case is set for Case Management Conference on September 5, 2008 at 8:30 AM - No Further Continuances-

07/03/2008 Docket Entry: Summons Issued-Circuit Text: Document ID: 08-SMCC-6146, for TUALA, LYNN; Docket Entry: Summons Issued-Circuit Text: Document ID: 08-SMOS-615, for DUETSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY;

Primary Case Focus: “Restitution for Damages” at minimum

These damages have occurred during the foreclosure proceedings of the following address:
227 W. Southside BLVD
Independence Missouri 64055

Real Estate Sales Broker:
Ahna D
Office: Common Ground Realty
Address: Previous Address: During Allocated Crimes: 123 S Main St
City, State & Zip: Independence, MO 64050-3702
Common Ground Realty
819 N Dakota Dr
Independence, MO 64056 Map

Chronological order of a partial known list of Fraud!
1. I was sold the 227 Residence without an appraisal value given to me as requested.
2. There was no safety/structure inspection done on the property.
3. Shortly after moving in, my insurance company dropped me from coverage for structural damage on the roof, the roof’s frame, and the covering. Re-coverage was denied until I found out of pocket funds to renovate the issues illustrated by Allstate Insurance Company.
4. The mortgage loan was then passed/sold from Argent to AMC, and somehow ended up with Duetz Loan and Savings. The AMC m’ortgage document falsely illustrates illustrates the Grantor Ryan Jennings “a Single Female. I am male.

5. I was never evicted. Or given the proper steps toward eviction.
While I was incarcerated the eviction contractor illegally hired a roll-off dumpster and placed it infront of the residence. She then directed a work crew to steal my personal property further illustrated in ATTACHMENT 2.

The eviction contractor was Lynn Tuala:
LDSPro.com Contact: LYNN TUALA, ANNA VASQUEZ 831 S NOLAND INDEPENDENCE, MO 64050 Phone: 816-833-7653 Fax: 816-833-7676

6. While I was at the residence, within the grace period to remove property at the residence, Lynn Tuala called the Independence, MO Pd who then instructed me that I had been foreclosed on and I had to leave the residence. Mrs. Tuala never submitted any paperwork, and she quoted she was hired by several different mortgage financer each time. The reason she quoted different mortgage companies is due to the fact that the default judgement on vacating the dwelling and the stipulations had not yet been ordered by Judge Gillis of Jackson County Missouri.

7. Denied Letter of incarceration by the City of Independence Missouri Police Department. This request was for the proof that I was incarcerated during my last opportune time to submit a motion to set-aside-default judgement regarding my foreclosure. Not only my foreclosure, but also a falsified ex-parte filed by Lisa Beach, whom was an ex-employee at my RJ’s Restaurants LLC business DBA Suzi’s located at 408 E. Bannister Road Kansas City Missouri, 64131.


Product Asset List from theft: INDEP PD REPORT AT 227 W. Southside BLVD 1-14-2007: Rare Collection of Coins, both purchased for resale and family heirlooms. Most of which I have named and had already sent into independence police department. Some of the coins were worth a significant amount of money!
.22 caliber pistol revolver brand Taurus being stolen from my house! I didn’t have the pistol registered, however my fingerprints where on the gun. The gun was part of a souvenirs collection I owned. I also had a family .22 caliber rifle that was an heirloom.
Rare books that were both purchased for resale. And more importantly family a heirloom/religous collection. Some books were stolen on or before 1/14/2007 and some were placed illegally/stollen by Lynn Tuala when she hired a work crew to convert my assets within the property to be considered as theft. She did this within a grace period I was given by a default judgment to remove my property, and or set-aside the motion of the default judgment.

9. A few days before my default judgment case with Judge Gillis in Jackson County Court and a refinance appraisal I was attached by an acquaintance of Mrs. Lynn Tuala.

Story of Brutal Assault Incident (During this assault; I was hit over the head with a blunt object, mugged, and left unconscious in the street.)

I was walking through my neighborhood and was confronted by an acquaintance. His name is Tama Johnson. He said "Hey Ryan come here a second." It was abot 9:10p.m. I had just turned left from Southside BLVD onto Liberty Street. I then turned left and took about three steps toward him. I was then face-to-face with Tama. He was living in the house on the corner of Southside and Liberty. I could tell he was filled with vengence. However, the next thing I remember was waking up to an American Ambulance Crew, Fire Dept, and several police officers. I was sitting on the neighbors steps across the street from where I confronted Tama Johnson. It was the first time I had ever been knocked un-conscious. The police where asking me what day it was, what time it was, and what my address was. I immediately answered each question very precisely. The ambulance driver mentioned "Ryan you were just assaulted and found unconscious in the street." And the police officer mentioned. "Ryan you have a warrant out for your arrest, you are coming with us!" The ambulance driver said "Ryan you either have a choice to go in the ambulance with us, or go with the police, which is it?" I immediately said "wait a second here, I was just assaulted obviously with a weapon receiving a massive blow to the head." "And the culprit is suspect lives and is currently right across the street." For some reason the police officer said "Ryan you don't even know where you are." I immediately said "yes I do, in fact I just answered the question of where I was, who I was, what time was it, and what my address is." For some reason the police officer(s) would not investigate the case, or at least make a crime scene investigation. However my frustration was due to the fact that the person whom assaulted me was still directly across the street. They then took me into the hospital and directly to Jail on an outstanding warrant. While in temporary holding at the INDEP police station I was denied the opportunity to speak with a detective. After getting out of jail, I was speaking with another acquaintance whom had a visit from Tama Johnson the next day after the assault. He was apologies for his actions. "He mentioned to this person (bob and Anessa), I am sorry for what I did last night to Ryan." They asked, "What did you do." He apologized and said "I hit him over the head with a baseball bat!" I am righting this complaint to illustrate that I was not living in a peaceful environment and the Independence Police Department did nothing to restore the peace or resolute the conflict. I was assaulted, mugged, and left for dead in the streets. Found by a neighbor and then told by the Police department that they couldn't or wouldn't investigate the crime, and they also mentioned that I had no rights to talk to them about the incident because I had an outstanding warrant for my arrest.

A report was filed with: Leslie Sourwine of the Police Complaint Center at http://www.policeabuse.com. [email protected] However, after Mrs. Sourwine filed the report for investigation I have had numerous false arrests and cases that have been filed by the Independence Missouri Police Station. The requested a detective to contact me for an investigation of the case. I have had no luck getting this accomplished. In fact 6-5-2008 I contacted them inquiring communicating with a detective on the case. However, just like the assault I was tricked into coming into the police station where then I was detained on bench warrants. However, dispatch specifically informed me I didn’t have any warrants.

Petition currently on File

P.O. Box 1997 )
Independence, MO 64050 )
Plaintiff, ) Case No. ______________________
) Division ______________________
vs. )
1624 West Walnut Street )
Independence, MO 64050 )
and )
Serve Manager or Person in Charge: )
3 Park Plaza, 10th Floor )
Irvine, California 92614 )
and )
Serve Manager or Person in Charge: )
300 South Grand Ave., Ste. 3950 )
Los Angeles, California 90071-3175 )
Defendants. )


COMES NOW Plaintiff, by and through his attorney of record, and for his cause of action against Defendants Lynn Tuala, Argent Mortgage Services, Inc. and Duetsche Bank National Trust Company states and alleges as follows:
1. Plaintiff Ryan Jennings (“Jennings”) is an individual resident of Jackson County, Missouri.
2. Defendant Lynn Tuala is an individual resident of Jackson County, Missouri and may be served at the address set forth above.
3. Defendant Argent Mortgage Securities, Inc. (“Argent”) is not registered to do business in the State of Missouri and has not registered agent in the State of Missouri. Defendant Argent may be served at the address set forth above.
4. Defendant Deutsche Bank National Trust Company (“Deutsche Bank”) is a trust company organized and existing under the laws of the United States and may be served at the address set forth above.
Jurisdiction and Venue
5. All transactions and occurrences necessary for this Court’s jurisdiction either occurred or happened in the eastern portion of Jackson County, Missouri.

COMES NOW Plaintiff and for Count I of his Petition against Defendants Tuala, Deutsche Bank, and Argent states and alleges as follows:
6. Plaintiff incorporates paragraphs 1 through 5 above as if more fully set forth below.
7. Plaintiff was the owner and possessor of certain real estate located at 227 West Southside Boulevard, Independence, Missouri (“the Property”).
8. Defendant Deutsche Bank, as trustee for Defendant Argent, became the record owner of the Property pursuant to a Trustees’ Deed dated March 14, 2007 and recorded with the Jackson County Recorder of Deeds Office on March 19, 2007.
9. Subsequent to becoming the record owner of the Property, Defendant Deutsche Bank filed an unlawful detainer action against Plaintiff in the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri and obtained a Judgment for possession of the Property on or about May 1, 2007.
10. On or about June 22, 2007, the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri, Division 27, entered an Order of Restitution ordering Plaintiff Jennings to vacate the Property and deliver possession of the same to Defendant Deutsche Bank on or before June 23, 2007.
11. Plaintiff maintained possession of the Property and continued to keep all of his personal belongings and personal property in the residence located at the Property until at least June 23, 2007.
12. Prior to June 23, 2007, Defendant Tuala, who upon information and belief was the agent of Defendant Deutsche Bank and/or Defendant Argent and was acting in the scope and course of said agency, unlawfully took possession of the Property and of Plaintiff’s personal belongings and property located within the residence thereon.
13. At all times relevant, Plaintiff was the lawful owner and possessor of his own personal property located within the above described residence and which is more particularly described on the itemized list attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference as Exhibit A which personal property had a value of $169, 477.95.
14. That Defendant Tuala, who upon information and belief was acting as lawful agent for Defendants Deutsche Bank and/or Argent, took possession of Plaintiff’s personal property as described on the attached Exhibit A to the exclusion of Plaintiff’s right, possession and interest.
15. That Defendants Tuala and/or Deutsche Bank and/or Argent unlawfully converted Plaintiff’s personal property to their own use and disposed of the same, to Plaintiff’s damage in the amount of $169,477.95.
16. That despite demand by Plaintiff, Defendants have intentionally failed and refused to return possession of Plaintiff’s personal property to him.
17. Defendants’ acts as described herein, were outrageous because of Defendants’ evil motive or reckless indifference for Plaintiff’s rights thus entitling Plaintiff to punitive damages in the amount of $100,000.00.
WHEREFORE, Plaintiff prays that the Court enter judgment against Defendants Tuala, Deutsche Bank, and Argent, jointly and severally, for an amount that is fair and reasonable, for punitive damages in the amount of $100,000.00, for prejudgment and post-judgment interest at the highest rate allowed by law, for his costs incurred herein, including reasonable attorney’s fees, and for any other relief the Court deems just and proper.

COMES NOW Plaintiff and for Count II of his Petition against Defendants Tuala, Deutsche Bank, and Argent states and alleges as follows:
18. Plaintiff incorporates paragraphs 1 through 17 above by reference as if more fully set forth below.
19. At all times relevant, Plaintiff was and is the owner of the personal property described on Exhibit A, all with the value of $169,477.95.
20. At all times relevant, Plaintiff was and is lawfully entitled to possession of the personal property described on Exhibit A.
21. As described above, Defendants wrongfully took Plaintiff’s personal property from the possession of Plaintiff and have ever since possessed the same.
WHEREFORE, Plaintiff requests judgment against Defendants Tuala, Deutsche Bank, and Argent for the possession of his personal property or the value thereof, at Plaintiff’s election, for damages for their unlawful taking in an amount that is fair and reasonable, for prejudgment and post-judgment interest at the highest rate allowed by law, for his costs incurred herein, including reasonable attorney’s fees, and for any other relief the Court deems just and proper.

McElligott, Ewan, Hall & Kimminau,
A Professional Corporation

Eric Roby - #56582
Three Trails Law Building
233 West Walnut
Independence, Missouri 64050
(816) 833-1222
FAX (816) 836-2437
E-MAIL: [email protected]

Posted by: Ryan Jennings at Jul 5, 2008 3:18:10 AM

The threat is real. Life threatening Incidents List:

Happy on Gudgel: Being held hostage at gunpoint by a group of thugs. Michael Pyle AKA “happy” was the ring leader of a local Independence group of thugs. I had only met him once, however a couple of his associates were recommended to me for assistance at my restaurant. I owned Suzi’s Casual Dining in South Kansas City Missouri. However, shortly after I found out the reputation of these two cooks and restaurant managers on Brett something or other and Josh Hamilton I told them to get lost. One left a garage door opener behind. They informed me they were afraid of me having the clicker and to return it immediately. When I entered into the Duplex just up the street from HI-Boy Burger joint in Independence Missouri I was surprised by several gunmen coming in and immediately putting a gun to my head and telling me it is the last day of my life. They then stripped my Dodge Ram down damaging the interior and stealing any thing of value. More specifically a case of digital media storage cards containing evidence of a Jackson County Missouri Judge Gillis court case in which I was being sued by Zimmer Real Estate and SMJE, LLC of Suzi Asjes (maiden named Suzi Gotti). I was later told that they had a premeditated plan to kill me, cut my body up into pieces, roll me into a roll of carpet, and dump me on the side of the road. By the grace of God I was able to negotiate with them to allow me to leave. I didn’t call the police at the time of the incident due to fear for my life. However, approximately 7 days after the incident the Independence Missouri Police Department shot and killed AKA Happy after an all day stand-off. I then contacted a detective and he told me he knew of the incident and only had one thing to say. Justice has been served on Happy, and unless I had anything involving drug related activity to inform him on that he would not be of service. However, there were involved that they let go and are still free to walk the streets.

Tazed to death: At 619 E. 97th Street Kansas City Missouri 64131 Review vital signs of the incident. I was tricked by two bounty hunters representing Manny’s bonding company of Kansas. They lied to me and said they were brothers who had a grandmother moving to KC from Florida who really wanted my residential home at the time. I agreed to show them the property only to find my front door lock was changed but I still had access, and let them in the backdoor. As soon as I entered the house after them, one watched the front door, while the other pulled out a pistol and said don’t resist. I thought I was being shot, but luckily it was just a stun gun or tazer. I was still standing with the prongs in my chest while I was able to fight the shooter off. I then ran to the front door only to find out I couldn’t get out with a double key bolt locking system. I fought the two men inside for a few minutes and managed to get out side, down the deck, to the side of the house where I continued to fight with them for at least 20min. I was tazed many many times. In the neck, face, eyes, kicked in the ribs, and maced with a pepper spray. Finally my neighbors on the opposite side of the house heard my calls for help and assisted by calling the Kansas City Misouri Police Department. They then told the bounty hunters they had no rights to cross state lines on a non extraditable traffic bench warrant. And they then escorted me to an ambulance where I was rushed to the hospital.

Paddy Wagon – While trying to say good bye and check on a friend in mental trouble I had the police called on me. Her father had previously asked me to help her out in anyway. The week before I had taken her to a mental health facility in which she was immediately released after being orientated or examined for mental health issues. Her father met her there and called me thanking me for finally getting her to agree to check her self in by freewill. After a couple weeks of dealing with this relationship that started out an employee, friend, and at that time girlfriend, I had enough. I was saying goodbye and letting her know I was leaving for Texas to deliver some equipment sold on Ebay. After knocking on the door of this South Kansas City condo she called the police on me. She was screaming nonsense. I was then unjustly detained by KCMO PD. But like most of these situations, I had outstanding warrants. She had called them on me due to reasons I do not know. However, when the KCMO PD officer also knocked on the door and spoke to her, he informed me that my friend was in a mental state of confusion and was acting crazy. They agreed that I was there with good intentions but unfortunately had to be transported to Jackson County Detention Center. I was handcuffed and put into the paddy wagon fleet vehicle which didn’t have a seat belt. After a short drive, on the Grandview triangle, the driver crashed the vehicle. It felt to me like we were flipped about three times. I was injured with multiple pains and was asked if I needed an ambulance. I said yes. Several passer by’s stopped to see if we were ok, but the following officers in squad cars immediately told them everything was ok and directed them around the crash. I was then taken to Saint Lukes Hospital on the plaza where the officer didn’t let me urinate nor make a phone call to my mother. I wanted to find out what my medical insurance details were. They gave me a quick review and took me to jail. However, the strange twist is that prior to entering into the paddy wagon I argued with the officer whom recognized me from Suzi’s, for some hotheaded reason of mine I told them that I was on my way to deliver already sold merchandise and was only acting in good standing. They poked fun at me for multiple incidents that happened at suzis. I shouted at them saying, “mark my word, you put me in that wagon and IT will not make it to the Jackson County Detention Correction Center. I don’t know why I said that but didn’t think anything of it. Well it is my testimony to anyone willing to listen, you must becareful of what you wish for. My words of anger came true, the vehicle was totaled. And they had to call upon another vehicle to transport me from the hospital to the County Jail. I was trying to sell my products to make enough money to post bond on that outstanding traffic warrant.

Assaulted by a baseball bat – blunt strike to the head, mugged, and left unconscious in the street. No crime scene was given nor a police report of the assault.

Golf club beating: Being held hostage again and bound by tape by a group of thugs, Billy, Katie, and an alias T. Hit in the head with a golf club multiple times while others beat and tortured me for many hours. My conditions were given to me as follows: “What is more important, your life or this house?” I responded my life. This beating started approximately 11:07p.m. one spring evening of 2007. They told me that a mortgage broker and a notary republic was coming over between 8 and 9a.m and if I didn’t sign my house over they were going to kill me. I feel they were going to kill me anyway. However, a friend Chris Clark stopped by and distracted the group long enough for me to escape out the back door and stumble my way MyGrain Liquor where I was able to call the police.

Posted by: Ryan Jennings at Jul 5, 2008 3:19:03 AM

That's crazy!

Posted by: Fencing at Sep 5, 2008 4:28:53 PM