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January 09, 2007

Playing the piano

Nixon's last mistake

Hunter S. Thompson talks about Nixon, drugs and Vegas

Spiro Agnew On Hippies (MP3. From Free info society. You may need to click twice on it to load it)

Had we not had secrecy….”

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There's something so odd about a celebrity doing something creative or personal. We marvel at actors who participate in crappy bands, and a President playing an instrument always makes headlines. It's some kind of spectacle. In this case though, it gives a surreal glimpse in to the life of a figure who I have only read about. And even if the show was a set-up, which it surely was, it's interesting to see an almost mythological figure as a real person.

Posted by: Jearr at Jan 10, 2007 7:59:36 AM

Jesus wept. I had NO IDEA that tricky Dick was a keys man. I am
having a hard time believing that is for real. It makes him more
sympathetic than even I am comfortable with.

It has always bothered me that Condoleezza Rice can play Brahms'
piano music... That's just not right. It's OK for Bill Clinton to
hack at the sax, but politicians having semi-serious chops is not OK.
It's disturbing. Just imagine GWB taking a try at Chopin. The world would explode.

Posted by: Patrick Crosley at Jan 10, 2007 7:19:44 PM