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January 27, 2007

Please Hear My Prayer

Light_up_my_life Dear Jesus, Please Hear My Prayer. I want to believe in you and your miraculous powers, I really do. I was raised in a devout Catholic home, and as long as I remember have been hearing about your divine nature and limitless compassion. You turned water into wine, healed lepers, and even raised the dead. I know you have boundless abilities. I also know that your compassion compels you to assist those who suffer, and to hear their agonized prayers...

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Caught this on Technorati. My sense is that you have summarized some very good reasons for having difficulty with belief. Whether or not Jesus possesses boundless powers, he is said to have rejected what Dostoevsky called miracle, mystery and authority at the time of the temptations. And most of the miracles he did perform -- absent walking on water -- were of sharing. And not impossible to approach with reason. One could probably feed 5000 with a good deal less than it takes to build a ... you name it. Or so my addled mind senses. I think Jesus largely gets a bum rap from the church, on our sagacious TV channels and in our wondrous films.

I go for simple, radical, conflict-averse, negotiational, iconoclastic and such.

Cheers, S

Posted by: Steve Rose at Jan 28, 2007 4:59:16 PM