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December 03, 2006

The title of Orwell's novel is 2006. It has always been called 2006

Lies_misdemeanors "Ever since 1948, when Harvard professor Arthur Schlesinger Sr. asked 55 historians to rank U.S. presidents on a scale from "great" to "failure," such polls have been a favorite pastime for those of us who study the American past.

Changes in presidential rankings reflect shifts in how we view history… More often, however, the rankings display a remarkable year-to-year uniformity. Lincoln, Washington and Franklin D. Roosevelt always figure in the "great" category. Most presidents are ranked "average" or, to put it less charitably, mediocre. Johnson, Pierce, Buchanan, Harding, Coolidge and Nixon occupy the bottom rung, and now President Bush is a leading contender to join them. A look at history, as well as Bush's policies, explains why."

(Karl Rove will no longer describe Eric Foner as one of his favorite authors)

More from the Washington Post: A case study on how not to be president

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Re-post: The political messages posted on the marquee of The Grand Lake Theater in Oakland

By the way, when did the Bush administration first introduce the word "homeland" into their vocabulary?

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Attention Comrade,
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Posted by: Comrade O'Brien at Dec 3, 2006 5:02:09 PM

The title of Orwell's novel is 2006. It has always been called 2006

Ha, that is hysterical! You kill me, you really do.

Posted by: Johanna at Dec 4, 2006 9:04:53 AM