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December 22, 2006


Nude_nudibranch A fantastic Nudibranch slide show on flickr by Erwin Kodiat of Bali. (Slide the speed handle on top to 1.5 seconds, if you wish. From Bouphonia). Previously blogged Nudibranch: here, here, here and here

Some Psychedelic Caves south of Nahal-Soreq and east of Bet- Shemesh in the Jordan Valley. (Israeli site in Russian)

Song Sleuth is a new birding device that lets you identify birdsongs in the field in real time. Just power-up and aim Song Sleuth in the direction of a birdsong. In seconds, the software analyzes, identifies and displays the results. (From Dvorak)

Trees by Julia Beynon

The Ultimate Tree House exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum

Pooktre Tree shapers

Glasswing Butterfly is a brush-footed butterfly whose wings are transparent. The tissue between the veins of its wings looks like glass

Antarctica Ice Volcano

All cactus, all the time. A large variety, collected images from two years in Arizona. From Plep)

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ooOOooo... that slide show is fantastic! Thank you.

Posted by: Anne at Dec 22, 2006 8:56:24 AM

WOW...that exhibit at the Dallas arboretum was WAY COOL...

Posted by: Mr. Natural at Dec 22, 2006 8:44:26 PM

Hi, I found something in the sea last week.
No one even the loacals (and I ask a lot knew what it is) or saw it before.
Someone said now it could be a nudi branch, but I saw all your picutres now and it looks diffrent. If you can send me your E/Mail Adress I will send you some pictures maybe you know what it is.

Thanks Steffi

Posted by: Steffi at Feb 12, 2010 5:22:31 PM