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December 26, 2006

Tenaciously Disappointing

Pick_of_destiny_1 We ride with kings on mighty steeds, across the devil's plain.
We've walked with Jesus and his cross—he did not die in vain: No!
We've run with wolves, we've climbed K-2, even stopped a moving train.
We've traveled through space and time my friends to rock this house again.

The tragic squandering of Jack Black's awesomeness. Read it & weep

John Kricfalusi animated video for the new D movie – NSFW. (From Boing Boing)

Noone Can Destroy The Metal on SNL

The Pick of Destiny

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I'm such a huge Jack Black fan. The "recreational pants" line killed me. Too bad the rest of the movie blows.

Posted by: Jonathan Greene at Dec 27, 2006 10:20:48 PM

Jack Black perhaps suffers from trying too hard to be funny - the 'self-conscious comic' death.

Posted by: beajerry at Dec 30, 2006 12:51:27 AM