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December 01, 2006

Honesty Test

Lost_wallets Webmaster Paul Kinsella conducted an interesting test; He dropped 100 wallets in front of hidden cameras to see who would return them and who would steal them... He was curious as to how honest people would be and wanted to see how different races, genders and age groups would compare to each other.

Each of the 100 wallets contained $2.10 in real money, a fake $50.00 gift certificate, some miscellaneous items and a clearly written ID card identifying the lost wallet's rightful owner.

So who was more honest - women or men? Black people or white people? Young people or old people?

Thank you, Paul Kinsella.

(By the way, the name Kinsella always stuck in my mind, because of Ray Kinsella, the protagonist of Field of Dreams. What I didn’t remember was that the film was written by W.P. Kinsella, a Canadian fiction writer, who is one of the most prolific authors of baseball fiction. According to IMDb, he was a friend of J.D. Salinger, and each of them has used one of the other's characters in his books. Salinger's story "A Young Girl in 1941 With No Waist at All" features a character named Ray Kinsella, a name also given to the main character in Shoeless Joe - in which Salinger appears as a character).

The Use of Honesty Tests as a Means of Screening Job Applicants

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These screening tests remind me of a story where there are 3 equally qualified applicants for a position for executive assistant.

To help decide who to hire, the executive posed to each the question of what they would do if they received a paycheck with substantial sum larger than usual.

The 1st applicant responded, "I would realize it's a mistake and contact payroll immediately to issue the correct sum."

The 2nd applicant responded, "I would deposit the check in my savings account and if it turned out to be an error I would return the disputed amount but keep the interest."

The 3rd applicant responded, "I would take the bonus and go out and buy a sexy oufit and invite you to dinner."

So which one got the job?

The one with the big tits...

Posted by: Scaramouche at Dec 2, 2006 7:42:35 PM