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December 14, 2006

Metafilter: as crazy as trousers full of ferrets

Mefi_comp Metafilter Compilation Album is a new collection of musical recordings by members of Metafilter. You can listen to MP3 samples here

“Metafilter: BF Skinner would be proud”: The complete undefinitive, inaccurate, most comprehensive list of Metafilter taglines in the history of all that is, and all that will ever be

Dan Ferrante (machfive) (Slide the speed handle on top to 1 second) who put the collection together, explains the tech involved

“There have been 123 new questions and 818 answers posted since your last visit”. Anil Dash explains why AskMetafilter thrives while GoogleAnswers didn’t, (with a little extra about Best Answer feature)

A comment by user kfx: “There were two trains running, that night. One was marked hope, and the other peace; and beside them both was a conductor whose rusted face held judgment and truth -- I had a ticket for neither, and his smirk told me I was to wait forever in that tired, wet, dripping and sick train station for the rest of my days…” (Another Comment Fable)

Logan Ingalls (“plutor”)’s game Who Wrote This Metafilter Comment? Inspired by the thread “Which MetaFilter members can you identify by their writing style/content combination alone?”

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