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November 29, 2006

Naked Yoga

Yoga_los_angeles_1 “Oblivion”, an exhibition of recent aerial work of the city of Los Angeles by photographer David Maise

From 1894 to mid-century, the Parkinson firm played a primary role in shaping the character of downtown L.A. While scores of fine Parkinson buildings have been demolished to make way for progress, to date, almost 60 of them have survived in the downtown Los Angeles area alone. (From The Parkinson Archives)

Naked Yoga Los Angeles is a private club for men who enjoy the freedom of practicing yoga without the restriction of clothing

1955 Nevada A-bomb tests as seen from downtown Los Angeles

… I wanted to celebrate my tenth anniversary in Los Angeles by doing something absolutely nuts: Walking the entire length of Wilshire Boulevard. To my pleasant surprise, almost 30 people I had never met decided to come along for The Great Wilshire Boulevard Walk

Hazy LA smog

The Dungeons and Dragons House, 20 Westminster, Venice Beach. Also there, House of David, Christmas 2005

Abandoned Shopping Carts of Los Angeles

Los Angeles Crime Incident Lookup

The North Hollywood shoot-out, February 1997

The bunny museum in Pasadena

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The glow of those Nevada exlosions as seen from L.A. are freaky!
The inspiration of many a B-movie, perhaps?

Posted by: beajerry at Nov 30, 2006 8:48:27 AM

Just when I thought the trendy LA yoga craze is done with.

Posted by: Los Angeles Web Site Design at Mar 4, 2007 3:04:07 AM