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November 17, 2006

First Frisbee

First_frisbee In Bridgeport, CT., the Frisbie Baking Company sold pies in metal dishes. Boredom led to recreation and the Frisbee was born - 1948. (From Slap’s blog)

First Garfield strip: June 19, 1978

The First Russian Laptop, made under the brand “Elektronika”. The production started in 1991 and lasted not very long due to the high price of the device - none of the common people could afford themselves such devices. The price for the computer was around $6000, that equals 25,000 roubles according to that time’s exchange rate, when the average salary across the country was 500 roubles

In the game of life, no one remembers the second bluegrass icon killed by a tractor. Blender salutes the songs, stars—and cannibals—who got there first. Famous Musical Firsts. (From J-Walk)

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That russian laptop is awesome. And you could always also use it to knock out a KGB agent who's following you! ;)

Posted by: Jerome at Nov 18, 2006 10:11:35 AM