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November 06, 2006


Evening_light Pink bug (Amblycorypha) taken in lower corner of Michigan

Experiments With a Sphere of Water in Space (Video)

Sunset driveway in Vermont

Cloud 9 Tours, a storm chase tour group

Why do birds fly in a V formation?

The optics of a water drop, Mie scattering and the Debye series. (I have no clue about any of the specifics. From Plep)

Ant City

Strange Clouds. Lenticular clouds are simply one more example of the beauty and complexity that can be the result from a simple process in nature.These lens-shaped clouds are often mistaken for UFO’s because of their weird shape that seems to mandate a prior design. But like evolution, it is just a process that has designed these kinds of clouds

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I'm curious why you say the clouds are formed from "just a process" rather than by prior design?

Posted by: kyle at Nov 7, 2006 8:01:50 AM

Some of the very best storm-chaser's pix ever here:
Don't be fooled by forgeries. This poor guy had pix lifted from this site and used by others claiming to have taken them during or after Katrina. These are the originals. The photos of his lovely dogs are beautiful too. Well worth some time browsing for some truly amazing shots.

Posted by: Julie at Nov 7, 2006 2:38:38 PM