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October 27, 2006

The Spencer Tunick Experience

Naked_in_the_street The Spencer Tunick Experience. (Click on pix to biggify!)

Tomatina is not the only festival in Spain -- turns out the Spanish are just crazy about wacky festivals and here is another glorious one, Cascamorras...

It seems there are two otherwise unnotable towns, Baza and Guadix. They fight over possession of this statue, the "Virgin of Piedad". They've fought over it for five centuries.

...Every year, Guadix sends a team of representatives to Baza in an attempt to get the statue. These representatives are the "Cascamorras". People of Baza wait for the Cascamorras with a big bag of dirt, tinted water, and eggs

More from Spain - Antzar Eguna festival: Decapitate the goose

BodyPainting festival 2006

Burning Man photos by NK Guy. Since 1999

The Festival of Freaks

During the month of September, people from all over the world gather in Lisdoonvarna, Ireland, for the town’s famous matchmaking festival

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Those Festivals are from the Medieve. We mistreat the animals and do horrible things to them. People are changing and pressing the others to stop cruelty.

Posted by: Peccata Minuta at Oct 28, 2006 3:33:51 AM

I did a collage of Tunick awhile back.

Hmmm ... I couldn't get the link to embed.


Posted by: Steel at Oct 28, 2006 1:16:06 PM