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October 10, 2006

Only $52M

Imaging_radar Wanna move to Pasadena? $52,000,000 burning a hole in your pocket? Make an offer on 1288 South Oakland Ave. (Click on “Photos” for magnificent virtual tours)

Los Angeles gets 50,000 new clocks for old, with 70,000 others adjusted free…as city is made ready for benefits of Boulder Dam's 60-cycle electricity… (From Telechron!)

Bridge To Nowhere in the Angeles National Forest. (From Quartz City)

An old gas cap that had been embedded in the asphalt of Fairfax Avenue

Xin Los Angeles, The Biggest Cargo/Container Ship in the World. (Built by Samsung Heavy Industries)

Ansel Adams' Lost Los Angeles Found By Gerard Van der Leun

Innocent Man Stuck With 100 Parking Tickets because of a personalized license plate that says NV

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