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October 01, 2006

Des Moines' well-endowed flood control

Iowa_road_sign Here’s an aerial photo of Des Moines' detention basin at 2617 Easton Blvd. The nearly four-acre basin was constructed about two years ago and "took some of the load off of the pipe downstream" and helps prevent flooding. Consultants who work for the city did not design the $5.7 million detention basin to resemble anything, but recent e-mails to City Hall from area residents seem to have found "art" in the not-so-subtle phallic design

Artist Paco Rosic’s Sistine Chapel in spray paint in Waterloo, Iowa. (From Mira y Calla)

Thumbnail Photos of Iowa Telephone Directories

Antonin Dvorak in Spillville, Iowa, 1893

Marquette, Iowa, Population: 479 people, 1 pink elephant

The Iowa Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame

Historic Bridges of Iowa

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I know where Iowa is. i have even seen the bridges. Say what do you call a teddy bear and a tractor? The iowa state fair of course.

Posted by: teresa boardman at Oct 2, 2006 5:55:23 AM