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October 27, 2006

Human Swastika

Warsaw_ghetto Josef Blösche was a Nazi war criminal who held the rank of SS-Rottenführer. Born in Friedland in Austria-Hungary, Blösche began his life working as a farmhand and a waiter at his father's hotel. After Nazi Germany took over the Sudetenland, Blösche became a willing servant of the regime.

In September 1941, he began serving as a guard at the Warsaw Ghetto and was in charge of the wooden bridge between Warsaw and the ghetto. He became known as "Frankenstein" for his monstrous behavior. Here he is on the right of this famous photograph...

Nazi Croats form Human Swastika, October 2006. Previous one, 1933

Home movies made by Nazi officers in the 1940s have been found in a church in rural Devon.
The films show members of the SS running a slave labor camp in southern Russia

I survived

The Holocaust's Arab Heroes

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