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October 14, 2006

Hot 'n' crispy

Fried_tarantulas A meal of bugs from Geisha Asobi

More on flickr, Fried Tarantulas. (From Suspending Habeas Corpus). “For those who favour more of a ‘pick and mix approach’ this is much like an old fashioned sweet counter. Except with cockroaches and locusts rather than gummy bears and jelly babies” - Scarfing down hot 'n' crispy tarantulas in a little Cambodian town called Skuon

A really wild & strange Bug Eating Party Game with real edible bugs. (From Blagman)

Colombian Santandereanas Ants, exclusive and exotic dish. (Music warning. Continue to Reseña Fotográfica)

The Warm Eaters, a 1981 exploitation Z-film

Cockroach-eating contest at Six Flags, Illinois bugs animal group

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