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October 30, 2006

The grandfather paradox

Jogging_stroller A trip in Kirghizstan. Traditional Kyrgyz felt making. Photos of traditional life in Kyrgyzstan

Largest travel trolley in the world

Bagan, the most important Asian city in the 11-13 century

Color palettes of travel companies

Time travel has been a staple of science fiction. With the advent of general relativity it has been entertained by serious physicists. But, especially in the philosophy literature, there have been arguments that time travel is inherently paradoxical. The most famous paradox is the grandfather paradox: you travel back in time and kill your grandfather, thereby preventing your own existence. To avoid inconsistency some circumstance will have to occur which makes you fail in this attempt to kill your grandfather. Doesn't this require some implausible constraint on otherwise unrelated circumstances? Time Travel and Modern Physics

Countries and Cities of the world

Blogjogging 2,950 miles from Syracuse to LA: Aspiring filmmaker jogging that stroller all the way to Hollywood, baby

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About 2 years ago I came across a post about an online argument between someone who once considered himself a liberal but became extremely conservative after 9/11 and his nemesis, a person who once was a conservative but became a liberal because of the War in Iraq and Bush policies.

The clincher was when the new-born conservative wished he could go back in time and show the younger, earlier former conservative what he had become...

It's really a shame I can't find the link again because I really don't do it justice.

Posted by: Scaramouche at Oct 31, 2006 10:30:50 PM