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October 08, 2006

Hall of Pain


Roller Derby Injuries. Many more at Jaf Project

Hangglider Dan Murphy (who was murdered in August) lands into a wheelbarrow (YouBoob)

The official site of Anna Kournikova

Bungee Jumping over the Nile in Uganda. Types of Bungee Jumps

Adam Menzies’s Trampoline Tricks

A tightrope walker has broken a world record by balancing on a cable car wire 1,300ft above an Alpine valley

Extreme bowling

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Ouch.... guess i'll give up my dream of joining a roller derby team. What do you think HL, do i seem like a bungee-jumping kind of gal?

Posted by: Anne at Oct 8, 2006 11:56:46 AM

Ah, thanks for the bungee jump link. It brought back some wonderful memories. I worked a crane bungee one summer. Craziest thing I ever did. I can't tell you home many times I looked down at the concrete and wondered how many of those watching were hoping for an accident. I'd jump anyway and taunt the biggest guy I'd see as I bounced.

Silly ass fool.

Posted by: Domoni at Oct 9, 2006 9:12:54 PM