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October 11, 2006

Clueless lawyers & Criminals

The_dog_dialed_911 Below are a few gems from “The Dog Dialed 911”, a new book of lists from “The Smoking Gun” website:

A lawyer in need of a proofreader

Letting it all hang out

300,000 reason to marry Lionel Ritchie

A warm place to stash your stash

Zamboni Drunk Driving Rap

Mug shots of Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks

A Visit to Margaritaville

Mohammed Atta granted visa to enter the US and learn to fly, 6 months after 9/11

Katrina relief funds

A brawl at the salad bar

Ledger of John Gotti, Jr. wedding gifts

Mariah Carey fan mail

80-100 more reasons why The Dave Matthews Band stinks

Also: Tattoo in prison makes molester a marked man

Re-post: Mug shot sets from Least Wanted

A much funnier review of The Dog Dialed 911 book can be found on the Bantarist. If anybody wants to send me free swag in the form of books, CD’s, clothing & housing items, etc., like the good people of Little, Brown & Co. did, please do so.

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