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September 11, 2006

Nothing but the best for my dog

Bobby_brown Zappa beers - Get Your Freak Out Ale from Lagunitas Brewing. The lyrics. Also, Joe's Garage 12-pack

Plastic Ono Mothers (John & Yoko+ Mothers) perform “Scumbag” – The lyrics consist of only two words

From "Drunk Men work here", A Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch and the origin of the doodle in a Lucky Strike $25 contest

Absolut Zappa and many other fake ads

Zappa Zippo

Antelope Valley High School '57/'58 yearbooks

A wholesome snack of milk and cookies

The poodles chews it (Little curly tail!) Poodle Fitness with Mariko Takahashi. Frank would be proud. What is is with Zappa and Poodles? More from The International Conference of Esemplastic Zappology - Phenomenology of One Size Fits All: Zappa and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Interviewer: "So Frank, you have long hair. Does that make you a woman?"
FZ: "You have a wooden leg. Does that make you a table?"
And many other True Zen Sayings

Zappa VS. The PMRC Original letters. Also, Yellow Shark press conference pictures, 1992

Sign the "We Want Roxy!" petition

Peaches En Regalia, live on SNL December 11, 1976. (Nice pants!)

1988 Phone interviews (MP3) by Bill Camarata of Box of Sound

The only known public statue of Frank Zappa, in Vilnius, Kalinausko 1, Lithuania . Created by sculptor Konstantinas Bogdanas, well known for his massive sculptures of Communist figures

Zappa with Jean-Luc Ponty, live at festival de Valbonne, France (07/25/70)

Cal Schenkel's July Specials. (Cal was Zappa's resident album art artist, responsible for such gems as "We're Only In It For The Money", "Lumpy Gravy", "Ruben & The Jets" and "One Size Fits All" and more)

2006 Zappa Plays Zappa European tour revieweds by readers of “Kill Ugly Radio”

Zappa covers arranged by Ensemble Ambrosius

This is another post that I am “co-blogging”, this time with Zappa fan Jurgen AKA Barry's Imaginary Publisher who runs Kill ugly Radio, the best blog dedicated to Frank Zappa music & news, and who provided most of today’s links. (Previous posts here.) Thank you, Jurgen! If other bloggers are interested to share the forum here on any other topic, please contact me for details.

/// Add it to your del.icio.us /// A Huge Depository of Odd Zappa Moments Here and Unusual Dylan Links here

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Meridian Arts Ensemble is a brass quintet + drummer that covers Zappa & Beefheart among others. They do a "suite" where they segue from Peaches en Regalia to Let's Make the Water Turn Black to Oh No to Igor's Boogie, Eat that Question & Enchidna's Arf.

They make it work so well that I had no idea these were separate pieces from different albums & eras until I started hunting down Zappa beyond Apostrophe & Absolutely Free.

The SNL "Peaches" was terrific. Great link!

Posted by: Morgan at Sep 12, 2006 7:10:45 AM

Awesome Zappa stuff!!!

Posted by: beajerry at Sep 12, 2006 9:53:39 AM

i've been to the zappa statue in vilnius... it's in the most random of places... in fact, i only stumbled across it when afternoon when i was lost. i'm sure frank would approve.

as always great posts!

Posted by: raminta at Sep 12, 2006 1:17:10 PM

not a speck of cereal

Posted by: jf at Sep 12, 2006 8:41:09 PM