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September 23, 2006

Oh, the humanity

Hindenberg_explosion Flying to Oshkosh. (Scroll down to see Mt Rushmore from an unusual angle. From Bifurcated Rivets)

The Hindenburg disaster at Lakehurst 1937

An army helicopter crash

Satellite images of Groom Lake area (Area 51)

The Flying Car. Better known as the Aerocar

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Wow, my friends and I were just discussing the hindenburg, trying to remember where the heck that crashed. Great!

Posted by: Rob Cockerham at Oct 2, 2006 12:33:11 AM

I am so psyched that I found your site today- I love unusual flight links! Actually, I was also thinking about the hindenburg last night... every time I see a Zepplin cruise over my apartment I think about those poor victims.

Thanks again for such a great site- I just added it to my faves!

Posted by: Noelle at Oct 3, 2006 6:24:02 AM

The helicopter crash made one hell of a mess of the lawn. Son of B did that my lawn and we would have some words.

Posted by: Scooter at Oct 3, 2006 5:33:03 PM

Do you know why they would paint a flying car yellow? I know they wouldn't choose blue because it would blend in too much with the skay and could be a hazard to other planes. Yellow could be confused with the sun (along the same line of thinking). I would have painted it green.

Posted by: pdxmam at Oct 3, 2006 8:59:56 PM