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September 07, 2006

Get Off the Shed

Carlin_hbo The Stephen Colbert "On Notice Board" Generator

Woody Allen Interviews Billy Graham (Very dated, unfunny)

The complete George Carlin’s 1996-HBO show Back to Town

Jeff Ross Roasts Shatner, painful & unfunny

Jean Antoine Watteau “Italian Comedians”

All Penn and Teller Bullshit episodes

The 10 Best Will Ferrell Skits of All-Time. Including Get Off the Shed, More Cowbells, etc.

(No time to blog tonight. Sorry). /// Add it to your del.icio.us /// A Huge Depository of Unusually Funny Comedians Here

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nice blog!!!!!!!! hehehehehe

Posted by: gabrielf at Sep 7, 2006 6:12:17 AM