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September 19, 2006

Biological clocks

Biological_clock When I first started collecting Unusual Clocks and Watches in 2003, it was mostly to archive all those flash-type clocks. Since then, the collection have grown to include many hundreds of odd time pieces. Have some more:

A clock by Billy Chasen

Binary clock flash. Another

Online clock and Online Stopwatch

Odd watches - "Why make it simple when it can be complicated ?" (From Information Junk)

Making a Watch by Hand. In these days of “fast” and “convenient” I decided to commence a work of “painstaking” and “craftsmanship”, making my own wristwatch

10:08, 8 minutes past 10, is roughly the time analog watches are set to in most advertisements, though actual times shown vary between about 10:08 and 10:10. There are several reasons offered by watch companies, many of them psychological, and none of them verifiable as the actual origin of the practice

Re-post: Clockr uses random digit images from Flickr to display the current time

Otium German Watches

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Yup, some women, reaching their 40's are desperate hunting for a family no matter if the partner is a monkey !!! :-)))

Key-values-in-a-man, for a single woman reaching 40:

1st) Fertility
2nd) Financial Power
3rd) House
4rd) Good Father
5th) Good Lover

So, I am not surprised for the further divorce :-)))

Posted by: Peccata Minuta at Sep 19, 2006 7:43:40 AM


Posted by: jonny at Sep 19, 2006 5:23:04 PM