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August 13, 2006

Secret bunker this way

Secret_bunker A short history of upside-down optical illusions

Deer on Power Pole

Text messages saved in my cell phone, vol. 4. “I am at a party with the hot dog eating champion! And the black widow and spider legs! The biggest names in eating contests really”.

“Match World" virtual museum. This is the museum that "Japan Match Manufacturers Association" and "Japan Match Lateral Corporation" operate

The Russian Anthems Museum contains all Russian and Soviet national anthems, then a collection of music and songs connected to them in some way, followed by a few musical pieces and songs that were partially used as anthems but never achieved the official status. (From Presurfer)

Mole Map-- find out what that mole on your face or body means

Digital Tampering in the Media, Politics and Law

Gallery of signs by Marko Petric. (From Paperholic)

Theatres on Postcards

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